Understanding Remanufactured Auto Parts

What is Remanufacturing? Remanufactured does not mean used. We are not talking about old broken parts that received some cheap inspection and a quick-fix just so that it can be resold to someone else. That is NOT what is meant by the word "remanufactured". At the end of the day, when you compare a brand new part to one that has been remanufactured, the only difference is in the price you are paying.

Remanufacturing Brand Coverage by Car Part Kings

Remanufacturing Companies

A1 Cardone probably leads the way of all auto part remanufactures in the industry and are one of CarPartKings premier brands with the widest selection of remanufactured auto parts.

Arc Remanufacturing specializes exclusively in auto part remanufacturing with a fine selection of remanufactured auto parts. Their line of remanufactured parts includes power steering rack and pinions, power steering pumps, front wheel drive axles, brake calipers, ignition distributors, wiper motors, window lifts and more.

USA Industries remanufactures high quality starters and alternators that will save you money compared to going brand new.

Wagner Brakes remanufactures a complete line of brake systems components including brake calipers, brake master cylinders, and more. When it comes to your brake system, there is really no other brand that does it with better coverage than Wagner.

Remanufacturing Benefits

Remanufactured auto parts not only save you money, but help contribute to the ecological concerns of our planet's resources and environment by reducing waste along with massive amounts of energy consumption. By remanufacturing auto parts, instead of manufacturing all new auto parts, we save about 80% of the energy we would otherwise use. Automotive remanufacturing reduces global emission by preventing the melting down and manufacturing process that would otherwise take place.

A remanufactured auto part, regardless of the part itself, is basically just a part manufactured again. But only reusing the non-mechanical, non-wearable parts over again. These parts, whether they are a cast iron brake caliper housings or an engine control unit casing, are called cores, which can also be referred to as the old part being replaced. For example, if you purchase a remanufactured power steering pump, your old power steering pump is considered the core. In most cases, we are looking to get that core back from you and will refund part of your order back to you when we do.

When it comes to remanufacturing, there are typically two major categories; mechanical and electrical. Mechanical auto parts, like power steering rack and pinions or cv axle shafts are commonly a steel or cast iron part with a certain functionality that involves moving parts that often have to be either sealed or lubricated, almost always involving rubber components. Electrical parts, like control units and modules, are very different however. With no moving parts, these items are all about their circuitry and the protection and strength of that circuitry.

Commonly Remanufactured Auto Parts

ABS Modules, Body Control Computers, Engine Control Units (ECU/ECM), Ignition Distributors, Mass Airflow Sensors (Air Mass Meters), Relay Modules, Window Motors, Wiper Motors, Wiper Motor Pulse Boards, Tailgate Motors, Transfer Case Motors, ABS Components, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Boosters, Brake Calipers, CV Drive Axle Shafts, Prop Shafts, Headlamp Motors, Electronic Climate Controls, Electronic Spark Controls, Fuel Display Modules, ODB Computers, Powertrain Control Modules, Programmers, Transmission Control Modules, Turbochargers, Superchargers, Fuel Injector Pumps, Fuel Injectors, Smog Air Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Water Pumps, Power Steering Rack & Pinion Units, Control Valves, Power Cylinders, Power Steering Pumps, Steering Gear Boxes, Starters, and Alternators.

Remanufacturing Mechanical Parts

Mechanical auto parts made up of metals and rubbers basically all start with the same approach. These items are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. The metal components, whether they are cast iron or stainless steel, are thoroughly inspected and even test for the slightest flaws or damage. Any non-repairable flaws in these core parts are either replaced or the whole part is discarded completely. Sometimes this could mean the loss of your refund! So if you are replacing your smashed brake caliper from an accident and the cast iron core is damaged, you are likely to not get the core charge refunded, but this may still mean you are getting a better deal than buying brand new. After the part is taken apart and approved for remanufacturing, the part is reassembled using all new rubber components, including seals, o-rings, and boots. Upon completion or even during certain stages of rebuilding, the parts are tested and assured, sometimes more often than the original factory part was tested before release. And because the part is receiving all new and possibly more modern, flexible, longer lasting rubber components, these auto parts often exceed OEM specifications (original equipment manufacturer).

Remanufacturing Electrical Parts

Electronic auto parts have no moving parts. They are computer-like parts, control units, and modules made up of a hard plastic or metal casing housing with delicate and complex circuitry. The remanufacturing process for electronic equipment starts with gently taking the item apart and delicately cleaning the entire item. The unit then undergoes a series of testing and a very detailed inspection to identify all broken or failing connections that caused the module to fail in the first place, but it also prevents future failure by reinforcing seemingly good connections even if they may not require it. Severe damage, such as water damage or an intense overload of electricity may render the unit non-repairable and may mean the loss of your core charge refund. The item is then reassembled and tested again, sometimes at different ranges to simulate a real-life environment. Again, these items often exceed OEM specifications because the circuitry often comes out more stable than originally manufactured, not to mention some control units may receive software updates.

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