CarPartKings, the Auto Parts Industry, and Our Environment

CarPartKings is an environmentally friendly supplier of auto parts in a great number of ways. In every corner of our business, we are always aiming to improve on our ecological footprint by reducing waste, supporting remanufactured auto parts, maximizing our packing efforts, improved recycling efforts, converting paper processes to electronic, and more.

Product Packaging: As an ongoing effort, year after year for decades, we've always made an effort to improve the efficiency of our packing process. There are a number of concerns when it comes to packing our boxes, preparing them to be shipped across the country or even across the Earth. We need to make sure the items being packed are packaged properly to protect them from damage, but we do so while enhancing our packing materials and packing methods. Over the years, we've greatly reduced the type and amount of packing materials used to not only reduce costs, but cutting back on the amount of materials used and the amount of waste that is ultimately produced as a result. And no sacrifice have been made to ensuring that your auto parts arrive in perfect condition.

Paper to Electronics: CarPartKings continuously keeps pace with evolving technologies. By enhancing our warehouse's computer systems to move away from paper trails, we have cut back an incredible amount of waste. It's amazing how much less paper is printed on.

Recycling & Reusing Efforts: With the Earth's watchful eye on all of our recycling efforts, CarPartKings has continued to improve their mindfulness of recycling wherever and whatever we can. Especially in the warehouse, where cardboard and packing materials come and go, if a box is in perfect condition still, then it will be reused. If not, then it's recycled.

Remanufactured Auto Parts: Last but not least is our support of remanufactured auto parts. There is no better example of having a "green" auto part than using and reusing auto parts that deserve a new life. Remanufactured auto parts are NOT used auto parts. The remanufacturing process reuses the hard metal casings and non-wearable items. With all new seals, mechanical parts, and more, remanufactured auto parts greatly reduce the amount of wasted materials and save tremendously when compared to the same "new" auto part. Learn more here: Remanufactured Auto Parts.

Emission Products: We like to highlight and remind people of the most important emission related auto parts and tips on how to maintain a fuel efficient vehicle. This effort not only helps you save gas money, but helps save our planet as well. Oxygen sensors, Catalytic Converters, Filters, tire pressure, and testing your Fuel Cap, Learn more here: Emission Systems.