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Exhaust Muffler

Exhaust Muffler: Get it Discounted Online

What are Exhaust Mufflers and what do they do?

The exhaust muffler is a device that eliminates some of the noise that emanates from the engine of a vehicle. It does this by providing acoustic sound proofing from pressure created by other exhaust compenents within the vehicle. The muffler also plays a role in the emissions control of the vehicle. The muffler does, however, reduce some of the power output of the engine. Some of the Mufflers we provide are more powerful than the standard oe mufflers in order to increase power and reduce fuel consumption while providing a quieter output and lessen environmental impact.

When should I replace my Exhaust Muffler?

The exhaust muffler is not a part that is normally replaced as part of preventative or routine maintenance, so it is typically replaced any time it starts to be in disrepair. This is usually noticeable by a change in the noise of the vehicle, with it becoming a lot louder or more uneven.

What happens if I don’t?

If you don’t replace the muffler when it is damaged, you’ll be hearing more annoying noise from your vehicle and perhaps annoying other drivers on the road as well. You also will be allowing more pollution into the air.

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How to do it: Replacing your Engine Water Pump:

  1. Gather sockets, a ratchet wrench, a saw or cutoff tool, a ball peen hammer and an assortment of wrenches. Get a jack and jack stands and wheel blocks.
  2. Jack up the vehicle and put it on jack stands, putting wheel blocks behind the rear wheels to secure it in place.
  3. Get underneath the car and find your muffler. Loosen the muffler clamps.
  4. Separate the muffler from the exhaust pipe, cutting it right in front of and behind the muffler.
  5. The muffler is held in place by hangers, so remove them.
  6. Put the new exhaust muffler replacement in place and secure it with the hangers.
  7. Re-attach the muffler to the exhaust pipe in front of it and behind it. Its pipes should be narrower and fit into the existing pipes. Use clamps to hold it in place and coat it with muffler sealant.
  8. Lower the vehicle and start it up and make sure it sounds good.
  9. Take the vehicle for a short test drive.

Anything else I need to know?

You can also get performance upgrades by replacing your muffler with an aftermarket design. In addition, you can change the sound profile of your vehicle, making it more aggressive and louder if you so choose. If your muffler is damaged, adding a new muffler can also make the vehicle quieter.

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