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Drive Belt Idler Pulley

Drive Belt Idler Pulley: Get it Discounted Online

What are Drive Belt Idler Pulleys and what do they do?

The drive belt idler pulley on your vehicle keeps your serpentine belt in proper alignment. This belt drives several of the systems in your vehicle, including your water pump, alternator and more.

When should I replace my Drive Belt Idler Pulley?

If you notice uneven wear on your vehicle’s serpentine belt or hear noises such as squeaks, it’s a sign that your drive belt idler pulley may need replacement. If the belt is visibly loose, this is another sign that the drive belt idler pulley may need to be replaced.

What happens if I don’t?

Your belt will wear unevenly, which can eventually lead to failure. Slipping belts can also cause problems with performance, as all the component parts of the engine will not be working in proper sync.

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How to do it: Replacing your Distributor Rotor:

This is a relatively easy repair, but be sure you’re prepared to work in tight quarters. Wearing mechanic gloves can prevent you from banging your knuckles all over the engine while you’re working.
  1. Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery.
  2. Open the hood and locate the idler pulley.
  3. If necessary, remove the splash shield to get at the pulley.
  4. Remove the belt tensioner pulley so that it has enough slack to allow you to slip the belt off of the idler pulley.
  5. Remove the bolt holding the idler pulley in place.
  6. Remove the idler pulley
  7. Insert the new pulley and secure it down with the bolt
  8. Replace the belt and the belt tensioner
  9. Double check the alignment of the belt to ensure that everything is working properly
  10. Test the vehicle to make sure everything is aligned and functioning

Anything else I need to know?

This repair can save you a lot of money in serpentine belts and other repairs. The Live Support personnel will be able to steer you toward the parts you need to complete this repair and any others related to your belts and pulleys.

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