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Car Part Kings offers you a huge selection of Walker automotive parts.

Looking for Walker exhaust parts and other discounted replacement auto parts? Car Part Kings has you covered.

When it comes to mufflers and exhaust systems, Walker parts are among the best of the best due to a long company history. Walker mufflers are known for their innovation over time and the company traces its routes all the way back to 1908. There are four main Walker exhaust systems currently available.

Walker Quiet-Flow SS

This Walker muffler is made of stainless steel which helps to resist rust and make the muffler last significantly longer than competitors’ aluminized mufflers. The style of the muffler closely matches that of many original manufacturer mufflers in order to reduce noise levels, as do domed heads. That makes this a common replacement option for drivers who want to maintain a quiet, standard sound in their car’s exhaust system.

Walker SoundFX

This Walker muffler is engineered to provide high quality acoustics with a two tube internal design. This Walker exhaust muffler is available in direct-fit designs, which will be quick and easy to install in the place of original manufacturer mufflers. This means that not only can you keep the cost of the Walker parts down, but also the labor to install the muffler.

Walker Universal Fit Mufflers

This category is made up of Walker Tru-Fit Mufflers, Walker Pr-Fit Mufflers, Walker Installer Turbo Mufflers and Walker Glass Pack Mufflers. They are designed to fit any vehicle, making the installation more flexible overall. The Tru-Fit Walker muffler is made of aluminized steel and resists corrosion, while the Pro-Fit Walker muffler is designed with improved stability and support so that it remains in place longer and has greater durability.

The Walker Installer Turbo Muffler is reversible, which means that there is a lot of flexibility when installing the parts. Meanwhile, Walker Glass Pack Mufflers are designed to be used in custom builds.

DynoMax Performance Exhaust

When it comes to performance, DynoMax is Walker’s answer to the competition. DynoMax performance exhaust offers a variety of stainless steel exhaust systems. This includes cat-back systems and axle-back systems, as well as performance mufflers. Cat-back systems start behind the catalytic converter and run all the way to the exhaust tips, usually expanding exhaust flow capacity by eliminating bottlenecks to improve both sound and performance. Axle-back systems start at the rear axle and provide smaller gains than cat-back systems, but are also easier and cheaper to install. Mufflers simply fall into place replacing the original muffler in the exhaust system and leaving the rest of the system stock.

Car Part Kings provides you with access to the fullest line of Walker automotive products. Whether you need a muffler, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter or something else, we’ve got you covered with the best quality and selection. Search by your year, make and model or call us today for help choosing the exact Walker car parts you need.

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