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Car Part Kings carries a full line of replacement and performance KYB suspension parts!

Looking for KYB shocks or struts discounted? CarPartKings has you covered.

KYB Corporation produces ride control, electronic and hydraulic products that are used as both original equipment and replacement parts in cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other various vehicles and forms of transportation.

KYB has been in the United States since 1974 and is now the largest supplier of original equipment and aftermarket shocks and struts in the world with sales of nearly $4 billion per year globally.

Replacing your shocks and struts with KYB struts and shocks could enable you to improve the handling of your vehicle quite significantly, restoring it to the day you drove it off the lot. This gives the driver more control over the vehicle, which is good for performance and safety.

What Are Shocks and Struts?

People often refer to shocks and struts collectively, as both are involved in the suspension. Both KYB suspension parts are of a high quality, but there are certainly differences. KYB shocks play a simple role in the suspension, absorbing bumps while driving in order to smooth out the ride and improve not only handling, but also the comfort of the driver.

KYB struts on the other hand are not only involved in absorbing bumpy rides, but also in pivoting for the steering rack. As a result, struts are on the front of the vehicle where the steering takes place, while shocks are on the rear.

While all cars have both now a days, it is theoretically possible to drive a car with no shocks, but not with no struts.

KYB Suspension Parts

One in every five vehicles around the world is using KYB shocks or KYB struts, if not both. That should speak to the quality build of KYB shocks and KYB struts. Among the different options are the GR-2 and Excel-G, which are designed only to restore an automobile’s handling and control back to the original levels of performance when it was new. They are calibrated to offset any issues caused by worn suspensions and can be used in almost any application. They remain the best choice to restore a vehicle back to its original level of handling.

For trucks and sports utility vehicles searching for the best control, there is the MonoMax, while the Gas-a-Just was created in order to improve the instability and performance of any vehicle. Those looking for tunable performance may take note of the AGX, which allows quick and easy damping rate changes, which can tune performance.

Car Part Kings provides you with a large selection of KYB car parts. From shocks to struts or anything related to suspension, we’ve got you covered with quality you can count on. Search by your year, make and model or give us a call now to help ensure you get the right KYB suspension part for your ride.

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