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General Electric

General Electric

General Electric

Car Part Kings carries General Electric lights and parts to ensure you have top quality choices in part selection.

Looking for General Electric light bulbs and other discounted replacement auto parts? Car Part Kings has you covered.

General Electric Lighting is a company under the flag of General Electric that focuses solely on lighting solutions worldwide. General Electric traces its roots back to the invention of an affordable incandescent lamp, so obviously the company already has its roots in lighting. The General Electric Company came to be when Edison Electric Company and Thomas Houston Company merged in 1892.

With so much experience in various forms of lighting, it only makes sense for General Electric to expand that lighting eventually into automotive lights. Now drivers can buy General Electric bulbs or General Electric auto parts to suit their needs.

General Electric lights are focused on being as bright as possible to show you as much of the road as possible, thus increasing your reaction time to keep you as safe as possible. With that motivating factor of safety driving its innovation, General Electric lights keep on making advances to become brighter and longer lasting.

Right now, as far as General Electric auto parts are concerned, there are three types of headlights the company is offering. First is the General Electric Nighthawk Platinum headlight. This type of General Electric light is able to create clean, white light. It puts as much as 90 percent more light to the pavement than standard halogen headlights. That means that General Electric Nighthawk Platinum headlights can give you more viewing power, maximum light on the road and confidence in knowing that if it’s out there in front of you, you’re going to be able to see it and react.

Next up are General Electric’s Discharge Automotive Headlights, which offer improved illumination, and as a result, better visibility, when compared to normal headlights. The extra illumination provided by Discharge Automotive Headlights helps the driver’s eye to be able to see the road and thus not only have better visibility but also less fatigue. Anybody who has ever struggled with night driving due to eye fatigue knows the benefits of avoiding it, which is an immeasurable boost to driver safety.

Finally, there’s the General Electric Halogen Automotive Sealed Beam Headlights. These beam lamps are available in standard and premium. Compared to other brands’ halogen lights, General Electric promises improvements in both visibility and performance. There are also original equipment manufacturer replacement lights available in the Halogen Automotive Sealed Beam Headlights line.

General Electric bulbs are also made for external and internal vehicle lights. This could be anything from taillights to instrument panel lights. Drivers sometimes underestimate the importance of indicator lights to safety, but sometimes the information that can be conveyed by a simple indicator light can remind a driver to check the engine, add gasoline or otherwise take action to improve convenience and safety.

Car Part Kings offers a full line of General Electric auto parts. Search by year, make and model or give us a call today.

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