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Do you need Denso parts for your car? Car Part Kings has you covered with the best prices, selection and service on many types of parts and products.

Looking for Denso compressors, radiators or other discounted replacement auto parts? Car Part Kings has you covered.

Denso radiators are the leading parts used in aftermarket applications and directly in new vehicles around the world. Denso radiators are made to fit the first time, with no adjustments, brackets or modifications. There are three different types of Denso radiators: plastic tank with aluminum core, plastic tank with copper core and cross-flow and down-flow applications.

Denso compressors are the standard in the OE and repair market because of their quality and performance. As with radiators, Denso supplies compressors to vehicle manufacturers for new vehicles. If you need an a/c compressor replacement, Denso has the part you need.

Denso spark plugs are available for different levels of performance depending on what drivers need. Denso spark plugs are available in Iridium Power, Iridium Tough, Iridium Plus and Iridium Racing.

Iridium Power

These Denso spark plugs are recommended for drivers who care about performance, as the plugs offer increased ignitability at the same spark voltage levels. This leads to increased horsepower, improved acceleration and better fuel mileage as well.

Iridium Tough

Some drivers are more concerned with durability than performance, and Iridium Tough Denso spark plugs are designed for those drivers. This design minimizes electrode wear, thus lengthening the life of the spark plug significantly. Testing has showed that Iridium Tough spark plugs are five times as durable as normal plugs and even last longer than platinum plugs in some testing.

Iridium Plus

Using Denso Parts, these spark plugs are the world’s smallest in diameter. Due to their smaller size, these plugs have a small cooling effect and thus m ore reliable firing. They’re recommended for taxis that use liquefied petroleum gas and need a spark plug that can function with a lower required voltage. The Iridium Plus plugs are built with a platinum tip, which helped the designers to create a durable spark plug rivaling that of entire platinum plugs.

As a result of the design and the reduced misfires, Iridium Plus plugs have been shown to get better fuel mileage than platinum plugs and significantly better mileage than regular plugs.

In addition, the more reliable firing lends itself to improved acceleration, and Iridium Plus plugs tested faster than both a platinum plug and regular plug.

Iridium Racing

Iridium Racing plugs made of Denso parts offer improved acceleration in a .4mm gap spark plug made with an iridium center electrode. In racing, every hundredth of a second counts and Iridium Racing plugs offer acceleration that is .035 seconds faster from 60 kilometers per hour to 100 kilometers per hour when compared to a regular race plug.

Car Part Kings gives you access to the widest selection of Denso parts, no matter the make, model or year of your vehicle. Look for the exact Denso part you need online or call us today if you need help finding the right Denso product for your vehicle.

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