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A1 Cardone Car Parts: Brakes, Brake Boosters, Calipers and More

Looking for A1 Cardone brake boosters and other parts? Car Part Kings has you covered.

As the world’s leader in remanufactured automotive technology, Car Part Kings is proud to carry A1 Cardone auto parts. In addition to their high-quality brake boosters and calipers, A1 Cardone remanufactures a broad range of automotive components and systems, and is sold worldwide through some of the most trusted automotive parts outlets. The company’s reputation for amazing quality is recognized by every automaker.

A1-Cardone remanufactures brakes, brake boosters, drivetrains, electronics, fuel/air systems, motors, pumps and steering components (in all, more than 70 different product lines). The company has been around for more than 40 years, and that longevity tells customers that A1-Cardone is certainly doing something right.

In fact, A1 Cardone remanufactured auto parts have become synonymous with quality for an amazing variety of vehicles. For instance, the company’s range of remanufactured driveshaft’s covers domestic and import vehicles manufactured from 1966 all the way through 2012. Their electrical motors are available to power accessories like sunroofs, tailgates, headlamps and window lifts through 2012 (on all import and domestic models).

A-1 Cardone has taken advantage of their competitors who specialize in only one area by being the only remanufacturer with long-standing expertise in hydraulic, mechanical and electronic parts repair. Newer model vehicles use a combination of these three technologies, so A-1 Cardone is one of the only suppliers to be able to offer parts besides the O.E. dealer. The best thing is, A-1 Cardone offers these parts at a much lower price than the O.E dealers.

Of course, A1 Cardone products are all guaranteed in a variety of ways to ensure peace of mind. Customers will benefit from the 100% guaranteed computer testing for reliability (something you can’t sacrifice in a system as important as your brakes or drivetrain). All products are also 100% tested for appearance to ensure full customer satisfaction, and A1-Cardone has one of the best warranties in the industry.

Why buy remanufactured versus new? It’s a simple question, with a simple answer. New costs you big bucks. Remanufactured parts from a company with a reputation like A1-Cardone save you a considerable amount of money, while still giving you quality and reliability in every automotive product. From power steering pumps to brake boosters, to calipers and driveshaft’s, A1-Cardone stands behind each remanufactured component to ensure that you never have to worry about performance, reliability or usability.

Car Part Kings provides you with access to the fullest line of A1 Cardone automotive products. Whether you need to replace your CV boots, CV axles, driveshaft, brake boosters, calipers, a full brake system or something else, we have you covered with quality you can count on. Search by your year, make, and model or call us today for help ensuring you get the right A1 Cardone product for your specific vehicle.

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