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Big Brake Kit

Big Brake Kit Replacement: Get Them Discounted Online

What is a Big Brake Kit and what does it do?

A Big Brake Kit is an upgrade to your vehicle’s brakes that improves your stopping power, making it easier for you to stop your vehicle in a shorter period of time. The Big Brake Kit made by Stoptech will have larger rotors, which do a few things to improve your stopping power. First of all, they give you a larger surface area from which to apply friction to slow down the wheels. In addition, the larger rotors mean that the brakes can handle more heat and dissipate it more quickly. This reduces fading and wear over time. As such, a Big Brake Kit will have rotors that should stop your vehicle quicker and last longer.

The Big Brake Kit also has calipers that are stiffer and the brake lines are improved to make for a better feel in your brake pedal, as well as improved responsiveness. As such, you’ll know that when you hit your performance brakes, you’re going to have great feel and quick response. That gives you confidence as a driver, adding to your peace of mind. Usually consisting of slotted, drilled, or cryo frozen rotors it will assist with braking performance and ultimately out perform standard rotors and calipers. Stoptech stainless steel brake lines last longer and flow freely throughout your braking system.

Big Brake Kits are also designed to disperse the front and rear braking resources properly based on the weight distribution of your vehicle. This provides you with a custom tailored braking system depending on the make and model of your car. That’s one of the big benefits of this aftermarket upgrade. Also known as a Disc Brake Pad, Caliper and Rotor Kit these parts are optimized for performance, quality, and an all around better ride.

When should I replace my Big Brake Kit?

You should opt for the Complete Brake Kits any time that you want to upgrade the performance of your vehicle. You will get the best bang for your buck by waiting until your brakes need to be replaced anyway and then opting for the upgrade, thus reducing the effective cost of the Big Brake Kit, as you would have had to spend some money on the parts anyway.

What happens if I don’t?

If you don’t use the Stoptech Brakes, you won’t be upgrading your braking performance. That means that your vehicle will not be as safe to drive, and you will not be able to reduce your stopping distance.

Anything else I need to know?

Brake Kits come with Pads and Rotors, Painted Calipers and Stainless Brake Lines. For some vehicles, you may need to remove some ancillary parts to get to the Big Brake Kit Replacement, so be prepared for that. If you run into problems with that process, you may need to do some research to get instructions that are specific to your vehicle.

Since the Big Brake Kit is proprietary, you should use the instructions that come with the kit and guide you through the installation process for your particular vehicle.

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