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  • Different Types of Exhaust Mufflers

    An exhaust muffler is an indispensable component of a vehicle’s exhaust system which is used for either enhancing the sound of the engine or reducing it. The muffler generally works with the exhaust system of your car, helping it remove gases from engine caused by combustion. They can increase the efficiency and performance of your vehicle and can also give it a sportier look. Are you planning on replacing your vehicle’s exhaust muffler? If so, then let’s take a look at the different types of mufflers to find out the perfect option for you: Continue reading

  • Honda Issues Another Recall for 3.2 Million Vehicles

    2014 has been the worst year for the automobile industry with recalls now exceeding 70 million. And, with this depressing news comes another popular automobile manufacturer that has issued another recall for 3.2 million vehicles in addition to the 7 million recalls since 2008. So, what seems to be the reason for these recalls? Well, the reason remains the same: potentially dangerous airbags which were produced by the Takata Corp. Continue reading

  • What Are The Different Types Of Shock Absorbers?

    Like many others car parts, when driving, your vehicle’s dampers popularly known as shock absorbers are always in use. Every year, approximately 100 million shock absorbers are distributed worldwide. The US and Europe side countries are the major producers of these auto accessories. So, what use do shock absorbers have in your vehicle? The main function of shock absorbers is to dampen the vibrations and oscillations of various other car parts which do not have springs. Continue reading

  • Toyota Recalls More Than 57,000 Vehicles Globally

    Just two days ago, Toyota Motor Corp. recalled approximately 57,000 vehicles globally, due to potentially dangerous airbags. This is the fifth renowned vehicle manufacturer company which has recalled thousands of vehicles this year, thus making 2014 a record-breaking year with over 8 million car recalls because of airbag inflators made by Takata Corp. Recent studies show over 16 million vehicles have been recalled globally since 2008. The recalls seem to have started from Mazda, then Volkswagen, then Honda and now finally Toyota. Continue reading

  • Ford to Issue a Recall for 186,024 Vehicles

    As surprising as the news may seem, it is true! According to recent reports, the second largest automaker in the US, Ford Motor Corp is looking to issue another recall which will begin from the 8th of December 2014. There is no doubt that the year 2014 has broken the world record for the highest number of recalls. But adding the 186,000 vehicles more that Ford is going to recall, the total number of recalls are going to exceed 9 million, which is a huge issue for the automobile industry. Continue reading

  • Important Car Parts

    Most people spend a considerable part of their life driving cars around for one purpose or the other. But not many spend their time wondering how the cars manage to get people around and what exactly is happening under the metallic hoods of these automobiles. We took the time out to get help you familiarize with some auto parts in our last article and folks, we are back to boost your knowledge about some more popular car parts. Continue reading

  • Basic Car Parts

    You may be able to move from one place to another with the help of your car, but the mechanisms that help the car move itself are so complicated that a layman wouldn’t be able to figure out what’s going on under the hood unless explained by a pro. If you thought a car is just about turning the steering wheel and pushing the accelerator and the brakes every now and then, you couldn’t have been more wrong. There’s plenty for you to learn and we will guide you through some car parts which help the car keep moving and how exactly they work: Continue reading

  • GM Motors’ Former Engineer Speaks Out

    A former General Motors engineer who has been at the center of the mass vehicle recall crisis has finally spoken and said ‘I did my job the best I could’. This has been his first public statement since the recall of about 2.6 million cars, which have been affected by the faulty ignitions, earlier this year. 32 deaths have been linked to the defect and Ray DeGiorgio, the engineer thought to be responsible, has expressed himself as ‘emotional’ when inquired about the injuries from crashes that are linked to the fault in the switch the engineer had designed.

    The crisis has uncovered in the wake of GM’s new CEO Mary Barra, who fired DeGiorgio and his team of engineers and issued a statement and called it a “pattern of misconduct and incompetence”. GM has since issued 77 recalls that will cover a total of 26.6 million cars in the US and overseas. GM has also agreed to compensate the families of the deceased and other victims who survived accidents after months of negative publicity, lawsuits and congressional hearings. GM was administered a fund by lawyer Ken Feinberg who is known for his hard work to compensate victims of disasters.

    Ray DeGiorgio defended his position by saying, “I didn’t lie, cheat or steal.” After investigations in the matter and according to a 325-page investigation report by a former federal prosecutor, Anton Valukas, DeGiorgio has been largely blamed for approving the switch in 2002 despite being aware of the fact it was capable of slipping back out of the run position.

    Evidence suggested DeGiorgio authorized a change in the parts in 2006 without informing the authorities and according to Times, DeGiorgio originally chose a switch design requiring less torque to turn rather than an alternate design because of the new European style components demanded by the GM management. The switch proved to be fragile in its early tests and after telling his colleagues that failure is imminent, he also cited it as the “switch from hell”.

    DeGiorgio, 61, had been avoiding public interviews since last spring when his name went public due to the catastrophe. After the lawsuit which found him guilty of authorizing the change in the switch design, DeGiorgio, under oath, said he never approved the change in parts in 2006. This led the lawmakers to accuse him of lying and the company’s CEO also admitted the engineer had lied. So far, 202 death claims and 1649 injury claims have been filed of which 32 reports of death and 35 reports of injury have been approved.

  • Euro Car Parts Has a New Distribution Mega-Hub

    Euro Car Parts has moved ahead with its acquisition of a large warehouse in Tamworth which will now serve as the company’s distribution mega-hub throughout the region. It is among the largest units available for businesses in the entire West Midlands and now will serve the needs of Euro Car Parts. The company has signed up for a 20-year lease, ensuring they will be able to use the facility well into the future. The warehouse spans a colossal 778,000 sq. ft and is located on the Birch Coppice Business Park. Continue reading

  • Claim a $25 Gift Card If Your Car Is Recalled By GM

    Recalls and GM have become synonymous terms over the past year or so. There have been so many cars recalled that people have become wary of buying a car made by GM. As part of the latest recall, any customer who has to take his/her car to the dealer will receive a $25 gift card from General Motors. You might be wondering why GM needs to entice people to bring in their cars for repair as without proper repair it won’t function effectively. The reason is the reputation GM has built for recalling cars for virtually any reason, big or small.GM

    The latest recall by the company is because of a problem with the ignition switch of the cars. The models affected by this problem include the Saturn Ion and the Chevrolet Cobalt among others. The company has been trying its best to get in touch with people who have purchased the affected models in the recent past in a bid to get them to have the issue with the ignition switch rectified. And now, the company is providing an incentive for people to get their cars repaired. If you are part of the latest recall, you can claim a $25 gift card if you take your car in for repair before January 1.

    The best part is that you can get the gift card by just taking your car to the dealer, even if it is not repaired by the start of 2015. According to the reports available, over 2.5 million cars have been affected by the recall and all because of a problem with one of their car parts: the ignition switch. According to the company, while driving the keys in the ignition could move to the accessory position. This would lead to the car shutting down on the road, regardless of the speed you are going at, and would also impact the steering wheel, airbag and brakes.

    In other words, the issue is a serious one and could lead to accidents. This is why the company is so insistent on getting car owners to have their cars repaired. So far, over 30 people have died because of accidents caused by the ignition switch issue. GM is prepared to deal with the $70 million+ cost of the recall and are only adding to it by offering the gift cards.

    However, there are some critics who have viewed this move by GM as a publicity stunt and a non-serious attitude towards the safety of their customers. The company has rebuked by issuing a statement that their customers’ safety is their foremost concern. As long as the car owners get the ignition switch repaired, there should be no problem. This is the reason they are offering extra incentive so that people do take the time out to go and get their cars repaired.

    So, if your car is part of GM’s latest recall, you get to buy $25 worth of merchandise and goods from Apple or AMC Movie Theatres among other retailers using the gift card you get.

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