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  • Mevotech

    Mevotech’s Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit MK7258 is perfect for Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth. Mevotech has patented technology in their stabilizer links to truly enhance their Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit. Stabilizer links transfer weight between the left and right sides of a vehicle. When a vehicle makes a turn, lateral force is applied proportional to the rate of lateral acceleration. Because the center of gravity sits relatively higher than the suspension, this lateral force causes the vehicle to lean away from the direction in which the vehicle is turning. A stabilizer link transmits some of the lateral force exerted in a turn to the opposite side of the vehicle. This allows the body of the vehicle to stay stable, provides a more comfortable driving experience, and ensures better road handling. Stabilizer links are subjected to extremely high torque loads, and, because of their relatively small size, they will be one of the first parts in the suspension system to require servicing and replacement.

    We at also recommend Mevotech's Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit MK90313. Designed for Lexus, Toyota, and Saturn, Mevotech's Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit is ideal due to Mevotechs black oxide coating which provides high resistance to variable corrosion factors such as road debris and adverse road and weather conditions, ensuring prolonged life of the stabilizer link.

    The Mevotech Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint MK8609T is another great product produced by Mevotech and made for various Ford models. Mevotech ball joints have an internal metal designs that incorporates highly durable upper and lower metal bearings that surround the ball joint stud and ball, and include grease fittings to allow for grease and lubrication to be injected into the central area to prolong the life of the ball joint. Mevotech ball joints feature greaseable ball joints which enable the ball joint to be serviced, to flush out old grease and contaminants by injecting new grease during inspection and maintenance routines. These features improve the Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint and you can find the Front Lower Suspension Ball Joint for just over $14 dollars at Car Part Kings.

    Mevotech's Front Outer Steering Tie Rod End MES3438 features a tie in end and is designed for Nissan and Infiniti. Mevotech's Outer Tie Rods provide a link between the steering knuckle and other steering components. On rack and pinion steering systems, outer tie rods are directly connected to an inner tie rod end. On steering box type systems, outer tie rod ends are connected to both the inner and outer pivot points of a linkage system, typically using adjusting sleeves.

    To view a list of Mevotech parts visit Car Part Kings.

  • KYB Shocks

    KYB is an auto parts distributor that produces some of the top strut assembly parts on the market. KYB Strut Mounts optimize suspension and steering performance through a variety of techniques. KYB Strut Mounts act as a pivot for the steering mechanism, providing a smooth steering response. It also reduces squeaks, rattles, and vibration noise and are built with design and quality that matches or exceeds OE. The KYB offers vehicle-specific strut mounts and boots designed and built with quality that matches or exceeds OE. The KYB Strut Boots keep leak causing contaminants away from polished strut shaft and feature a travel-limiting bumper to prevent the strut from bottoming out.

    All of KYB’s parts are sensational and you can view a full catalog at Car Part Kings. There are 7 specific parts that we at would like to recommend to you.

    The first of our recommendations for KYB parts is the KYB Rear Right Suspension Strut Assembly 334133. The KYB Rear Right Suspension Strut Assembly is made for Lexus and Toyota. It also is enhanced with Excel G technology. Make sure to view all the makes and models for the KYB Rear Right Suspension Strut Assembly. TheKYB Rear Left Suspension Strut Assembly 334134 is perfect if you are in need for a new rear left suspension strut assembly. The KYB Rear Left Suspension Strut Assembly also features Excel G technology and is made for the Lexus and Toyata.


    If you have a Nissan, the KYB Front Right Suspension Strut Assembly 334336 is perfect for you. Its sleek design makes it easy to install and is sold at a great price. The KYB Front Left Suspension Strut Assembly 334337 is the counter part to the KYB Front Right Suspension Strut Assembly 334336.



    The KYB Front Suspension Strut Assembly 334335 is the ideal Strut Assembly part for you if you have a car made by Chrysler or Dodge. Sold for just over $68 at, we believe you cannot find a better deal.


    The KYB Rear Left Shock Absorber 344353 is a supreme left shock absorber. It is made for Honda and Acura. KYB shocks allow drivers to tune performance to match driving preferences. Other features include externally adjustability so you do not have to lift the vehicle or remove the tires. Shock absorbers made by KYB also have an adjustment knob or slot depending on the application.


    Our last recommendation for KYB parts is the KYB Front Right Suspension Strut Mounting Kit SM5409. The KYB Right Suspension Strut Mounting Kit allows for simple mounting on the Infiniti and Nissan. It is sold for just under $41 dollars at Car Part Kings.

  • Bosal

    Bosal produces aftermarket auto parts and specializes in exhaust systems. Founded in Belgium in 1923, Bosal is an extremely successful company with an annual turnover of 683 million Euros in 2010 while supplying 5,600 people jobs across 30 manufacturing plants. Bosal takes pride in their innovations through constant research and development which has led the company to having the widest range of exhaust systems available in Europe. Bosal is a worldwide distributor of complete exhaust systems including manifolds and catalytic converters. The Bosal AM exhaust systems meet the most stringent standards and guarantee a life expectancy in line with customer needs.

    Bosal produces 900 different catalytic converters for the aftermarket range, covering both petrol and diesel cars. For petrol engines, Bosal has developed its own radial flow catalytic converter with an innovative metal substrate. The radial flow concept ensures an even distribution of the gas flow in the converter to deliver optimized conversion of harmful gasses. For diesel engines, Bosal has developed its own diesel axial flow catalytic converter, using also the innovative metal substrate technology. Both concepts enhance the reduction of emissions and ensure a high durability.

    At we sell some of Bosal’s top products. The Bosal Exhaust PipeFlange Gasket 256-272 is produced for Mazda, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Pontiac, Hyundai, Mercury, Geo Storm, Kia, and Subaru. To view a list of all the different vehicles it fits click here.


    Another great aftermarket product produced by Bosal is the Bosal Exhaust Muffler 286-715. The Bosal Exhaust Muffler is perfect for the Nissan Sentra from 2002-2006 and we highly recommend it at Car Part Kings.


    The Bosal Exhaust Muffler 278-955 is another superb muffler designed by Bosal. It is perfectly designed for the Toyota Camry and the Lexus ES250.


    Our last recommendation for Bosal exhaust parts at Car Part Kings is the BosalFront Exhaust Pipe 751-185. The Bosal Front Exhauast Pipe fits the Toyota Camry and the Lexus ES300.

    For all your Bosal Parts check out today!

  • Centric

    Centric produces aftermarket auto parts for cars. It produces some of the top aftermarket brake components and systems for both new cars and used cars. The company was founded in 2000 in California and operates multiple auto parts warehouses and has manufacturing facilities totaling 438,000 square feet. The company argues it is one of the industry’s best programs for tracking and cataloging original equipment, and devising quality aftermarket and OE parts for consumers, mechanics and car makers. Centric’s catalogs boasts over 40,000 braking system parts supporting nearly every make and model from passenger cars to medium duty trucks manufactured since 1937.

    There is a plethora of fantastic auto parts produced by Centric and I will go into more detail on a variety of those auto parts in future posts. I would like to start off by showing off the Centric Rear Disc Brake Pad 105.05360. This Centric Rear Disc Brake has Posi-Quiet Ceramic w/Shims-Preferred. It is made for the 1991-09 Acura, Honda, and Isuzu. We at Car Part Kings know it is difficult to find Centric Rear Disc Brakes for an Acura, Honda, and Isuzu so we strive to make it easy to find and provide the best price on discount auto parts.


    Another great product produced by Centric is the Centric Front Disc Brake Pad 105.06990. The Centric Front Disc Brake Pad is accompanied by Posi-Quiet Ceramic w/Shims-Preferred. This Front Disc Brake Pad is made for Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac from 1997-2005. If you do not have a car produced by Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, sells Centrics Front Disc Brake Pad 105.06910. This Front Disc Brake Pad is designed for the accura, Infiniti, and Nissan. It features Posi-Quiet Ceramic w/Shims-Preferred and is sold at a great price.


    All of Centrics parts feature StopTech technology. StopTech by Centric was the first aftermarket brake company to offer balanced front brake upgrades, engineered to dramatically improve overall braking performance while remaining compatible with the stock OE rear brakes. This has significantly advanced the state of art in aftermarket brake upgrades.

    At Car Part Kings we provide you with surplus of Centric brake parts for the best price. We try to provide you with the top parts for the top prices and highly recommend Centric brake parts.

  • Beck/Arnley

    Beck/Arnley is an aftermarket parts manufacturer specializing in European and Asian Vehicles. Founded in 1914, Beck/Arnley believes in producing high quality import parts that perform equal to OE Parts. Beck/Arnley specializes in creating six unique modules: Brake & Chassis, Electrical, Clutch & Driveline, Engine Management, Engine Parts & Filtration, and Cooling Systems.

    Beck/Arnley clutch sets contain everything you need in one box, eliminating the need to look-for individual parts. Each component is new and guaranteed OE quality and has special packaging that protects all of the parts. Beck/Arnley's uses rack and pinion assemblies to avoid costly comebacks.

    Beck/Arnley produces high quality calipers remanufactured with EPDM rubber components to withstand extreme temperatures. Beck/Arnley’s premium brake pads are tested to eliminate break-in while their integrated brake sensors are supplied where needed.

    Remanufactured alternators produced by Beck/Arnley come with all new bearings, bushings, and brushes. Slip rings are replaced, and cases are polished, coated or plated with no adapters or pigtails.


    One of the top products that Beck/Arnley produces is the Beck Arnley 252-0008 Hydraulic System Fluid. The Beck/Arnley 252-008 Hydraulic System Fluid is one of the top hydraulic system fluids on the aftermarket. At Car Part Kings we only want to provide the best hydraulic system, and the Beck/Arnley 252-0008 Hydraulic System Fluid conveys power while it protects the hydraulic machine components.

    To find a variety of Beck/Arnley parts visit

  • Akebono Brake Pads

    Akebono is one of the leading manufacturers for brakes and aftermarket auto parts. Akebono takes pride in producing brakes through innovative product design and world-class friction and brake productswith no defects. The Akebono Production System (APS), integrated into all of the company’s R&D; technical centers and manufacturing facilities, is the cornerstone of for the product development process of Akebono. Their brakes are designed to eliminate waste through APS techniques that create continuous improvement through benchmarking and a 100 percent in-line process strategy that checks all manufacturing operations. At CarPartKings we want to provide you with the best quality brakes and Akebono reported that they create more than 60 improvements each month. As a result, Akebono consistently achieves production control levels of nearly zero ppm.

    Akebono’s boasts that their innovative friction materials are less abrasive to rotors than any others in the market. As a result, there is a decrease in disc thickness variation, resulting in minimal roughness. Akebono also increases rotor life by reducing the amount of high-hardness raw materials.

    One of our favorite Akebono brake pads that we sell at CarPartKings is the ACT409 Front Disc Pad. The ACT409 is the only OE-validated pads on the aftermarket. The ACT409 Pro-ACT offers high-caliber braking performance, produces minimal dust so as to keep wheels clean, and shows superb pad wear resistance so that you don't have to visit the repair shop for replacements. Moreover, they boast of a harmonically damped design and have chamfers, slots, and precision-fit steel backing plates to maximize control over noise, vibration, and harshness. Other brake pads we recommend at CarPartKings are the ACT458, ACT459, ACT464, ACT465, ACT466, and ACT470. To view all the akebono brake pads we offer at CarPartKings, click on The KING.


    We at CarPartKings want to deliver you the best aftermarket products for the lowest price.  To find aftermarket brake pads produced by Akebono visit for the cheapest price around.

  • AC Delco

    AC Delco is a global company that creates automotive replacement parts and aftermarket products. It has a long history of excellence and has been around since 1916. AC Delco is a brand of General Motors, and in the division of Customer Care and Aftersales.

    Here at Car Part Kings, we sell a large amount of parts produced by AC Delco including batteries, filters, brakes, air conditioning units, distributor caps, and spark plugs.AC Delco produces high quality oil, fuel, air, and transition filters that provide durability and can block particles 1/3 of the size of human hair.

    AC Delco produces high quality brakes. AC Delco offers OES and Profesional DuraStop Advantage for their breaks. We at Car Part Kings believe in the high quality of AC Delco brakes and provide a warranty to show our support to the vigorous testing that AC Delco products endure.

    AC Delco first product around 100 years ago was the spark plug. After 100 years of innovations it is one of the top spark plugs on the market. AC Delco produces spark plugs for cars both old and new while producing spark plugs for almost anything you might need.


    One of our favorite parts at Car Part Kings that Ac Delco produces is the AC Delco D328A Distributor Cap. The AC Delco D328A Distributor Cap is one of the top distributor caps on the market. It is built with metal inserts intended to deliver the best possible fit and ensures maximum conductivity between the distributor towers and the spark plug wires. The AC Delco D328A Distributor Cap has undergone a series of intense testing to provide top level dependability and sustainability.

    For all your AC Delco part needs, visit for the best prices and customer service.
  • A1 Cardone

    A1 Cardone is an auto part manufacturer founded in 1970 and is based in Philadelphia. A1 Cardone sells over 38 lines of re-manufactured parts and Car Part Kings sell them all. The Car Part Kings sell all of A1 Cardone's products such as the drive train, steering parts, electronics, pumps and motors.These parts fit cars, SUV’s, and Trucks and fit a plethora of different models. A1 Cardone is known for its reliability and all the auto parts are computer tested to ensure a quality fit.A1 Cardone’s drive train parts, such as axels, are tested for straightness and tiny cracks. Motors manufactured by A1 Cardone are tested rigorously in the field to be able to withstand the conditions of any road.

    One of the most popular A1 Cardone products is the A1 Cardone Caliper. The A1 Cardone Caliper produces The Friction Choice Caliper. Here at Car Part Kings, we sell The Friction Caliper because it comes with all the hardware that is necessary needed for installation. Our goal is to provide affordable auto parts and to make the process as easy as possible for you. The Friction Choice A1 Cardone caliper allows you to easily install it and provides you variable degrees of friction to provide you the comfort of setting the standards so you can have the most comfort to fit your driving needs.

    The Severe Duty Friction caliper is also a popular item produced by A1 Cardone Caliper. Customer service is important to us at CarPart Kings, and the Severe Duty Friction is shipped bolt-on ready, with every piece of installation hardware necessary. The A1 Cardone Severe Duty Friction comes with extreme-endurance pads that are designed for breaks for cars, taxicabs, and emergency vehicles so they can stop instantaneously.

    The newest A1 Cardone Caliper is the A1 Cardone Custom FX Powder Coated caliper. The Custom FX Powder Coated caliper comes with all the necessary parts for installation and has a special power coating to prevent the development of rust.

    Another great product we sell at Car Part Kings that is produced by A1 Cardone is the A1 Cardone Alternator. The A1 alternator undergoes rigorous testing in order to ensure that your car battery maintains its charge and that the electrical systems of your car receive the power it needs for peak performance.

    For all your A1 Cardone auto part supplies visit today!

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