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  • German Automakers Want to buy Nokia's Here Maps

    According to the Wall Street Journal, it seems like the big three of the German automaker industry are in pursuit of uniting together and purchasing Nokia’s Here Maps. BMW AG, Audi AG and Mercedes Benz are in talks with Nokia about a deal to acquire this mapping unit. This rare collaboration was constructed  in order to prevent losing the Here Maps to Google, Apple and Facebook.

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  • Alfa Romeo Vehicles Featured at the NYIAS





    Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A is an Italian luxury car manufacturer that was established in Milan, on June 24, 1910. It was initially called the Società Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID) in 1906 after it was founded by Alexandre Darracq and some Italian investors. Around 1932 was when Alfa Romeo became part of the Fiat group. It wasn’t until 2007 that it finally acquired its current name, Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A.


    The company made its first appearance in motor racing in 1911, when Franchini and Ronzoni drove with the A.L.F.A 24 HP models during the Targa Florio competition. Since then the company has been actively and successfully involved in numerous racing competitions including the Grand Prix and Formula One.


    Alfa Romeo vehicles were recently featured in the 2015 New York International Auto Show. Here are some of the vehicles featured:

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  • Is Rolls Royce Releasing a New SUV?

    Brace yourself, for Rolls Royce has confirmed it is indeed working on an SUV project by releasing a few snapshots of a test mule. The project is being called “Project Cullinan” and if successful will be Rolls Royce’s first ever SUV. Therefore, it seems those days aren’t far off when Rolls Royce will be entering the SUV market to compete with famous luxury car brands, including Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

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  • Ford Issues a Recall on Nearly 600,000 Vehicles

    Just this Wednesday, Ford announced that they are going to launch four different recalls on its vehicles due to safety issues and problems with its products. The recall is estimated to cover as many as 600,000 vehicles.

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  • BMW Race Cars Featured at the 2015 NYIAS

    During the New York International Auto Show, BMW showcased two classic race cars - the 1970 BMW ALPINA 2002ti and the BMW 3.0 CSL - and a newly unveiled livery, the BMW Z4 GTLM. The BMW race cars took the front stage during the New York auto show and captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts.


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  • Toyota Issues another Recall for 112,500 Cars

    2014 was the worst year in terms of total recalls issued (a total of 70 million plus vehicles). But 2015 is proving no less of a bad year, with recalls already exceeding the 1 million mark. Saying so, the renowned Japanese manufacturer, the Toyota Motor Corporation has issued another major recall order for a total of 112,500 units of certain popular models.

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  • Honda reveals the technical details of the 2016 Acura NSX



    The 2016 Acura NSX officially made its debut to the world during the Detroit Motor Show back in January. Since then it has intrigued and captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts around the world. The NSX was also unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in the beginning of April but without much details about the specs of the car. It wasn’t until the SAE 2015 World Congress and Exhibition that Honda finally revealed the technical details about the new NSX.


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  • The Priciest, Hottest, and Fastest Cars at the NYIAS

    The New York International Auto Show, held this year from April 2nd, introduced some of the priciest, hottest and fastest cars ever seen. Many concept cars were also brought into the spotlight and new goals and aims were demonstrated from all leading manufacturers, including Audi, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Acura. To learn more about these cars and concepts, take a look at the list below:


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  • Audi to Unveil the Prologue Allroad Concept

    For all the Audi fans out there, we have some amazing news. Recently, Audi announced it would be releasing its all new Audi Prologue concept at this month’s Shanghai Auto Show, but this time in a jacked-up and upgraded Allroad form. So, it seems the rumors were after all true and Audi is planning to surprise us all this year. Thumbs up Audi, for keeping us in suspense for so long!

    audi allroad

    If we go back a few months, Audi treated its fans with the Prologue Avant Wagon and Prologue Coupe concepts, both of which became an immediate sensation in the market. There hasn’t been any news on when the concepts are actually going to shift to production. Regardless, it seems that the four-ring brand wants to surprise its fans with the actual release date.


    Coming back to the point, anonymous sources close to Audi have told the British automotive magazine, Autocar that Audi’s Prologue Allroad concept will accurately present the next generation of its stylish and fast Allroad wagons. Based on the concepts released in the Avant and Coupe, it might be possible that Audi’s next concept will gain the familiar array of allroad’s styling cues.


    Additionally, like the other Prologue Concepts, the new allroad model has also been designed by Audi’s chief designer, Marc Lichte. Therefore, the styling cues of the Prologue may include brushed aluminum accents on both front and back bumpers, a pair of roof rails, black plastic trim over the wheel arches, and of course, a black elegant metallic coat over the body.


    However, the style isn’t what fans are interested in knowing about, as they know Audi always comes up with something interesting. The real question is what drivetrain the Prologue Allroad Concept will feature. Well, there hasn’t been any news on what Audi’s beast will come equipped with, but a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain seems likely for a number of reasons.


    Firstly, most of the previous Prologue concepts introduced in the past featured a hybrid drivetrain, showing Audi’s determination and interest to electrify most of its lineup in the coming years. Secondly, since the Audi Prologue will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show and the Chinese Government is a huge fan of fuel-saving vehicles due to its startling levels of air pollution in a couple of major cities in the past few years, chances are the car will indeed come equipped with a hybrid-electric drivetrain.


    audi a8

    Regardless, whatever Audi chooses, it is clear the brand aims to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and comfort. Other rumors also suggest the Prologue Allroad Concept will provide a hint of the next-generation Audi 6 Allroad, which is expected to hit production in 2018. If the rumor does turn out to be true, you can expect to hear a lot more about the Audi Prologue Concept in the next few days. For those who don’t know, the concept will be releasing at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 20th. So, get ready and fasten your seatbelts to explore one of the best cars produced by Audi AG.

  • Autonomous Cars Will be Coming Soon

    Recently, there has been a lot of hype surround autonomous driving technology. It seems that every single company is jumping on the driverless car bandwagon with Mercedes introducing the new F015 autonomous concept, Google unveiling its new autonomous cars with air bag technology, Audi releasing its A7 driverless car concept, and finally NASA surprising all other car brands with its latest autonomous MRV, which has a top speed of 40 mph. Autonomous cars will be coming soon.


    Other car companies, including Toyota, Nissan, and BMW, have also stated that they will be releasing numerous driverless car concepts by 2020. Therefore, with driverless cars becoming mainstream, they day isn’t far off when you will see a car besides you with the driver relaxing on the backseat and the vehicle cruising down the roads and highways on its own. For those of you who don’t know how autonomous cars work, let us enlighten you a bit.

    bmw I8

    The new autonomous technology represents a vehicle which can drive by itself and is capable of fulfilling all the main transportation functions of a car. In the past, these cars were only seen in movies, but with the introduction of numerous self-demonstrative systems, automotive brands from over the world have decided to adapt this technology in real life. The cars using this technology will be called “Autonomous cars” and will use numerous radars, cameras, GPS, and computer vision to control the car efficiently and deliver optimal performance.


    To some extent, this technology has already been made available on a smaller scale in the form of self-parking assist, blind-spot warnings, adaptive cruise control, lane-management systems, self-adjusting speed controls, and vehicle stability systems. But, the main question is that why are people looking forward to a technology that will allow cars to drive them around. Well, in Batman’s Batmobile, Knight Rider’s KITT, and I Robot’s Audi RSQ, we have all seen what driverless cars are capable of.


    Similarly, just like any other technology, autonomous cars also have a wide array of potential benefits. These include better payload tracking, reduced running and maintenance costs, controllable and highly efficient vehicle performance, and improvement in overall safety. However, the main factor which interests many is the improvement of overall safety. Autonomous cars are believed to have a faster reaction times and increased reliability as compared to human drivers.


    bmw electric carTherefore, with this technology, there will be fewer traffic collisions and accidents. Additionally, autonomous cars will also be able to efficiently monitor important data, such as location, distance, time, and speed, thus providing an overall safer, smoother, and comfortable drive. Not to mention, according to recent reports, autonomous cars will also have the capability of reducing overall car thefts, because of the self-awareness features.


    So, does this mean that in the coming years, autonomous cars will take over traditional cars? Well, this is a debate that is still going on in the automotive industry. However, numerous car brands, such as Mercedes and Toyota, have already announced that their aim is to introduce cars which provide both options. Therefore, you can drive when you want and if you feel tired, you can simply switch to the autonomous drive mode.

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