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  • The Difference between Turbochargers and Superchargers

    So, you want more speed and power? If so, then superchargers and turbocharger kits are indeed the best way to increase the power of your engine. But, aren’t these the same things? Well, no! Of course, both of these systems fall under the same “forced induction” umbrella, but the function they perform and how they work is completely different. That’s why in today’s article, we discuss about the difference between turbochargers and superchargers and the pros and cons of each.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Auto Body Kits

    Do you want to add a sportier look to your car? If yes, then fitting a body kit might just be the perfect option to giving your vehicle a touch of sexiness, sportiness, and distinctiveness. For those who don’t know what body kits are, let’s enlighten you a bit. Body kits are an exterior modification available in a variety of materials and styles. To add a personalized touch, you can even have custom body kits made from an aftermarket shop. Cool, right? To understand more, let’s take a look at a few types of body kits and their benefits:

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  • How do Engine Pistons Work

    Everybody owns a car nowadays, but only a few people know how a car’s engine functions. Many believe that the most important component of a car engine is the cylinder, but what they don’t know is without engine pistons it can almost be impossible for a car to function. Engine pistons are cylindrical pieces of metal that move up and down the cylinder to generate the force needed to power a car.

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  • Custom built Jeep Wrangler

    This custom built two-door Jeep Wrangler will catch anyone’s eye, just like those tires will catch the road. The V6, or V8 gas guzzling machine is awesome for off roading, mudding and great for cruising around town, but obviously not great on gas. The Jeep’s simple, awesome doors are easy access and a cool edition to the sweet looks of the Jeep. It has a 4-5 inch body lift and the deep, midnight blue; gloss paint looks perfect with the rough finished black steel fenders and wheels.  The light bars above the windshield and on the hood are a sweet little addition to this jacked up ride. This jeep is perfect for a summer car, not so much any other season. I personally love jeeps and my family was planning on switching over to one. Jeeps are part of Dodge and Chrysler so they are American made, and last forever if you keep it maintained properly.


    My buddy down in Pennsylvania had a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee that lasted him forever. He absolutely loved it and took real good care of it. He finally sold it for a new car, but it was still in great condition, with very little rust and problems. Jeeps are awesome SUV’s and are amazing for everything… accept gas. That is the only problem Jeeps have. If you ever wanted to go on a long road trip it would cost you a lot of money because it doesn’t have the best MPG. This custom built Jeep honestly looks fantastic, and there are so many other ways you can build it. Be creative when it comes to making your car special for you. For whoever built this one, did an awesome job because I would definitely buy it. There was a good choice in the rims and tires, paint color, and those awesome doors. I also really like the shell top because it distributes out the black and blue nicely. If I had the money, this would be one of the first vehicles i would be buying, then building because I appreciate the style and thought put into it.

  • Mercedes-Benz Fined by China for Price Fixing

    In the latest pushback against foreign automakers, Chinese authorities from Shanghai fined the worldwide renowned automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, 350 million Yuan ($57 million) for breaking anti-monopoly laws allegedly reaping high profits by overcharging customers for some of the most famous car models namely E and S-Class cars and replacements parts as well.


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  • Audi Creates History through its E-Fuels Project

    Last year we saw the introduction of numerous hit car technologies including the first flying car, the aeromobil 3.0. However, Audi seems to take the cake this year through its E-Fuels project, which successfully managed to create synthetic diesel fuel using only water and AIR! The fuel was developed at a research facility in Dresden after a commissioning phase of just four months. It’s truly a miracle and automakers from all around the world are surprised with this news.


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  • Hyundai Sonata will be the first to offer Android Auto

    android auto cr. ComputerWorld

    It was recently revealed that Google’s new Android Auto will now be available in the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai just became the first automaker to offer a system that allows your smartphone to be compatible with your vehicle. In addition, this gives Google an advantage for being the first to offer this unique system in cars before Apple was able to offer CarPlay for its iPhones.

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  • Who Doesn't Want A Subaru?

    The 2015 Subaru WRX is a car everyone wants. Turbocharged four-cylinder engine is all you need for a lightweight powerhouse. Its handling is heavenly and with its fitted 12.4-inch vented rotors, two-piston calipers in the front, and 11.3-inch solid rotors with single-piston calipers in the back, brake fade is not a problem. From the brakes to the engine, the WRX’s engine doesn’t growl as loud. I personally love to hear the roar of an engine, and for me this car is best for that. Subaru’s are one of, if not my favorite type of car, they have great history and last forever, parts  are easy to access because of how popular they are in the United States. They are great, safe cars for a new driver and great family cars too.


    subaru rally car


    It has always been my dream car and if I ever were to buy one, than I would be a happy camper. Subaru in general is just a great car because of its reliability. It is fun to drive on long wavy roads, or highways. It has great mpg which saves you money. I have never driven one before but by the popularity of it, soon enough I will. Driving is fun, especially a car that is all wheel drive. You have the best traction and if you have good tires than you are in perfect shape. The thing I love most about the WRX is just its pure power and speed. I have always loved going fast and it just feels great. The body style of the 2015 Subaru WRX is also just astonishing, from the hood to its quarter panels, to the side skirts, to the rear bumper, all is just perfect. The interior of the car is also really clean and it looks appealing. There are a few interesting things about it like the touch screen on the center of its dashboard. It also has easy-access buttons, on the steering wheel. The only bad thing is that it has an eye for the police, so don’t have too much fun because it can get you a big fat ticket. Other than that, the car is fantastic and just all around nice sedan.

  • 2016 German Grand Prix is Confirmed

    The German Grand Prix is consistently held every year since the 1960. They usually co-host the race with Hockenheim every other year at the Nuerburgring venue. This year, however, the Grand Prix was cancelled due to contractual issues with the venue.

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  • Toyota: The Future is Here

    New Style of Transport that is the Future of Urban Mobility


    Toyota has long been striving to develop vehicles that minimize waste and energy but still maximize driving performance and efficiency. They’ve pioneered efforts to produce vehicles that would reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere by utilizing plug-in, electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies. In combination with their environmental initiatives, they have also actively developed innovative designs that brought forth to a new line of future mobility.


    In the recent years, Toyota has revealed two particularly ingenious design concepts that has intrigued the public. Both models feature body designs that defies the current conventional aesthetics of a car. Furthermore, their new vehicles introduce a very unique style of mobility. These concepts were introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013 where it was featured with an interactive exhibition for the visitors.


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