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Toyota: The Future is Here

New Style of Transport that is the Future of Urban Mobility


Toyota has long been striving to develop vehicles that minimize waste and energy but still maximize driving performance and efficiency. They’ve pioneered efforts to produce vehicles that would reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere by utilizing plug-in, electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies. In combination with their environmental initiatives, they have also actively developed innovative designs that brought forth to a new line of future mobility.


In the recent years, Toyota has revealed two particularly ingenious design concepts that has intrigued the public. Both models feature body designs that defies the current conventional aesthetics of a car. Furthermore, their new vehicles introduce a very unique style of mobility. These concepts were introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013 where it was featured with an interactive exhibition for the visitors.


Toyota FV2


The FV2 is a next-generation fuel cell vehicle. According to Toyota, this particular concept strives to build a physical and emotional connection between the vehicle and the driver, thus enhancing the driving experience.


The Toyota FV2 is a concept car that can express Toyota’s “Fun to Drive” philosophy even in a future world in which vehicle technology has greatly progressed. The vehicle enhances the driving experience by connecting physically and emotionally with the driver, becoming more fun to drive the more it is used.


Physical Connection

Instead of maneuvering the vehicle using a steering wheel, the vehicle will be operated by shifting one’s body to direct the vehicle to move forward, backwards, left or right. The vehicle will also have the ability to connect with other vehicles around the area using an intelligent transport system technology. The vehicle will also have the ability to provide safety information using advance warnings to the driver.


Emotional Connection

Toyota plans to create relationship of trust and understanding between the vehicle and the user by incorporating technology from the “Toyota Heart Project.” This project is a communication research project with the theme of "Inspiring the Heart, Inspiring You." It uses communication and artificial intelligence technology to acquire expressions, gestures, and recollection of past events, thus invoking an emotional connection with the user.


The vehicle will feature a voice and image recognition technology to decipher the driver’s mood, accumulate driving history for suggested destinations, and provide driving skill information to assist the driver through their excursion. Additional features include the Augmented Reality (AR) display on the windshield. AR is a technology that supplements sensory information received from the user's environment with computer-generated data. Furthermore, it will have the ability to change the color and exterior display of the vehicle at any time.


Length 3,000mm

Width 1,600mm

Height 990mm(sleep mode), 1,780mm(driving mode)

Wheelbase 2,360mm

Seating capacity 1 person



Toyota i-Road   

The Toyota i-Road is an ultra-compact mobility package that creates an enjoyable and unique driving experience by combining the graceful motions of a motorcycle with the stability of a car. This concept has a compact closed cabin, seating, and a steering wheel that reflects the conventional design of a car. It also provides the convenience of two doors on either side of the car, rear seating for an additional passenger and three wheels. Its small and slim features allow it to maneuver through crowded streets. Its speed can go up to 37 mph, thus classifying as neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).


This vehicle also features an active lean system that models the motion of a motorcycle. This system raises and lowers the front wheels automatically to adjust for angled turns and shifts, thus providing a fluid and sleek mobility. Additionally, according to Toyota’s designer Koji Fujita, the i-Road incorporates a gyroscope and inertial sensors with steering angle and speed data to determine how much to tilt when executing a turn.


Length 2,350mm

Width 850mm

Height 1,445mm

Wheelbase 1,700mm

Seating capacity 2 person

Powertrain Electric motor


With these new concepts, Toyota truly fulfills its slogan, "Fun to Drive, Again," while maintaining  their vision of leading innovation and contributing positively to the environment.


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