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Custom built Jeep Wrangler

This custom built two-door Jeep Wrangler will catch anyone’s eye, just like those tires will catch the road. The V6, or V8 gas guzzling machine is awesome for off roading, mudding and great for cruising around town, but obviously not great on gas. The Jeep’s simple, awesome doors are easy access and a cool edition to the sweet looks of the Jeep. It has a 4-5 inch body lift and the deep, midnight blue; gloss paint looks perfect with the rough finished black steel fenders and wheels.  The light bars above the windshield and on the hood are a sweet little addition to this jacked up ride. This jeep is perfect for a summer car, not so much any other season. I personally love jeeps and my family was planning on switching over to one. Jeeps are part of Dodge and Chrysler so they are American made, and last forever if you keep it maintained properly.


My buddy down in Pennsylvania had a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee that lasted him forever. He absolutely loved it and took real good care of it. He finally sold it for a new car, but it was still in great condition, with very little rust and problems. Jeeps are awesome SUV’s and are amazing for everything… accept gas. That is the only problem Jeeps have. If you ever wanted to go on a long road trip it would cost you a lot of money because it doesn’t have the best MPG. This custom built Jeep honestly looks fantastic, and there are so many other ways you can build it. Be creative when it comes to making your car special for you. For whoever built this one, did an awesome job because I would definitely buy it. There was a good choice in the rims and tires, paint color, and those awesome doors. I also really like the shell top because it distributes out the black and blue nicely. If I had the money, this would be one of the first vehicles i would be buying, then building because I appreciate the style and thought put into it.

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