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2016 German Grand Prix is Confirmed

The German Grand Prix is consistently held every year since the 1960. They usually co-host the race with Hockenheim every other year at the Nuerburgring venue. This year, however, the Grand Prix was cancelled due to contractual issues with the venue.


Just recently, the managing director of the Hockenheim venue announced that the 2016 German Grand Prix is confirmed to be held at the Nuerburgring venue. They are “1,000 percent” sure that the Grand Prix will be returning next year.


"It's 100 percent sure, even a 1000 percent sure," Georg Seiler, Hockenheim’s chief, told the German news agency SID. "For next year we have an agreement and we always respect our contracts.”


Due to this, the tickets for 2016 Grand Prix at Hockenheim have already begun selling.


However,  Bernie Ecclestone refused to confirm the Grand Prix for next year. Despite this, Seiler guaranteed everyone that it will indeed happen.


"I have a good relationship with Bernie Ecclestone," Seiler assured.


There was a low attendance for last year’s Grand Prix. Seiler is hopeful that next year’s Grand Prix will attract more people.


"Formula One has to be good, then the spectators will come," Seiler said optimistically.


Everyone is definitely looking forward for the 2016 Grand Prix. Hopefully, further confirmation will be released soon.


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