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How to Replace Your Headlight

Hello my lovelies. Hopefully you are all doing well today. I got a ticket for a headlight being out and even though I pulled out a new one from the glove compartment and changed it right there on the side of the road I still have a ticket to pay. Seemingly the officer knew my husband back in his younger and more lawless days. His distaste for the family name is still alive and strong. Thankfully, I actually realized who the officer was from a speeding ticket he gave me last year for 1 mile over and recorded the entire conversation. (I really can’t wait to see him in court.)headlights

For those of you who don’t carry extra headlight bulbs in your glove compartment I highly suggest that you start. I also highly suggest that if you do not already know how to change the headlights out on your vehicle that you print this out and keep it in your vehicle. Also, READ YOUR OWNER’S MANUAL. One of these days I will believe that you have all paid attention to this statement. I doubt it will be anytime soon but I can dream. Being able to change your headlight bulbs will not only save you a ticket but it will also increase your safety. You don’t want to be stuck on some backwoods road on a foggy night with one headlight. It could cause you to run over Bigfoot or to be trampled by him.Headlight diagram

This is a very simple process that generally requires no tools at all. First you will need to prop open the hood and look right behind the headlight. You will see where the wires come out in a trapezoid shape.Headlight wiresThese wires are attached to a plug that is attached at the base of the headlight itself. They are usually held on with a metal or plastic clip but sometimes they screw onto the light itself. If it is the plastic catch just push it down with your thumb and then pull off the wiring harness. If it is the metal clip pull it up and away and do so before removing the wiring harness because you will probably never find the clip again if you drop it. At least I never do. And, if it is the unscrew kind then just unscrew it. Now that you have the wiring out of the way then you should be able to pull the bulb out by holding onto the base (the thing that the plug was in). In some cases, you may have to rotate the bulb slightly for it to come undone but this is rare these days. Now you need to take the headlight bulbnew bulb out of the package and you need to try not to touch it. If you have to touch the bulb its self then wipe it clean before replacing it inside of the headlight. The oils on your skin can cause the bulb to burn out quickly and there is no point in causing yourself any extra tedious work. Once you have the new bulb in the same place as the old one it is time to put it right back in the same hole you took it out of. You will know you have it in the right spot because all the rubber gaskets will match up. Voila! Headlight replaced. Please remember this before you wind up with your own ticket to match mine.

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