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The History of Mercedes-Benz

Zaki Moulvi posted this on Jun 9, 2014

One of the German big 3 in luxury car manufacturers, the Mercedes-Benz brand has been leading the industry in vehicle safety, style and performance since its debut in 1926.

Although the name Mercedes-Benz and its coveted three pointed star was conceived in 1926, its roots date back to 1886, and Karl Benz’s Benz Patent Motorwagen which most people agree is the first automobile ever produced.   Forty years later, Karl Benz merged his company with Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft forming the Daimler-Benz company.  To this day, Mercedes-Benz is a subsidiary of the Daimler AG automobile manufacturing company.

The Mercedes-Benz brand gained popularity during the 1930’s, with the introduction of their 770 model.  Part of its appeal during this era was the introduction of four wheel independent suspension, a feature that had not yet been seen on other vehicles.  In addition, it was during this time that the hydraulic brake system was introduced.  Two concepts that to this day remain in use in automobile manufacturing.

Starting in 1939, Mercedes-Benz turned its focus onto safety engineering for their vehicles.  The first test vehicle featured rigid floor boards, protection from side impacts and a collapsible steering column.  They continued this drive for safety with the introduction of the conical-pin door lock in the late 1940’s that prevented the doors from opening in the event of an accident.  Mercedes-Benz also patented the first car body that embodied a rigid passenger cell and defined deformation zones.  Even today, manufacturers use that concept in all of their vehicles.  By 1958, crash testing becomes a standard for every new Mercedes-Benz produced.

Throughout its history, Mercedes-Benz continued to be the pioneer for vehicle safety.  By 1978 they had developed the antilock brake system we still see on vehicles today and in 1982, the 190-Class debuted the multilink suspension system. 

The new millennium has seen the Mercedes-Benz make even more headway in their safety measures.  First with the Pre-Safe system in 2002 which can detect imminent danger and will automatically tighten seat belts and adjust head restraints to help protect the driver and his passengers.  In 2006 they brought Distronic Plus to the industry, which is a program that looks ahead for the driver and will begin the braking process if it notes stopped traffic.  Most recently in 2010 is Attention Assist.  Within the first few minutes of driving, the car is able to detect common signs of drowsiness and alert the driver that they need to take a break from driving.

With all of its input into vehicular safety still being used today, it’s easy to understand why the Mercedes-Benz brand is considered to be one of the safest on the planet.  Yet never forget that at the core of all of these safety innovations is a luxury car with an extraordinarily powerful engine, coveted by drivers around the world.

Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes-Benz has a wide array of styles from luxury sedans to seductive sports cars. 

C-Class Sedan – The athletic, yet elegant sedan has arrived with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, perfectly combining the sophistication of a luxury car with a casual edge.

E-Class Sedan – The E-Class is the quintessential Mercedes-Benz, letting you know that even stylish can be a force to be reckoned with.

S-Class Sedan – 100% LED lighting inside and out makes the S-Class stand out above all others.  That and its innovative multimedia system complete with over 30 million lines of programming.

CLA-Class Coupe – The most affordable vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz lineup is turbocharged perfection with a 7 speed transmission at an attainable price.

C-Class Coupe – A racy, refined coupe gives you the performance of a thoroughbred race horse while sitting in the lap of luxury.

E-Class Coupe – Legendary lines scaled down to create a car that has the sophistication of a sedan with the sportiness of a race car.

CL-Class Coupe – The flagship Mercedes-Benz coup, the CL-Class has been building character for decades and offers performance and comfort like no other car on the road.

CLS-Class Coupe – The CLS-Class gives a world class performance and superior emission control with its direct injection V-8 engine and rapid multi-spark ignition.

SLS-Class Coupe – A handcrafted 6.3 liter V-8 engine makes this two-seater the ultimate in a fun, luxury sports cars.

GLK-Class SUV – Direct fuel injection in the V-6 engine creates the seemingly impossible fuel efficient compact SUV that is still powerful enough to call Mercedes.

M-Class SUV – Mercedes-Benz created the midsize luxury SVU category and then continuously raised the bar on comfort and performance making it impossible for their competitors to catch up.

GL-Class SUV – Motor Trend’s pick for the 2013 Sport/Utility of the year has ample room for seven with extraordinary handling that you don’t expect from a full size SUV.

G-Class SUV – Superior off road capability inside of a full size SVU with iconic European design.

E-Class Wagon – Mercedes-Benz takes everything you know and love about their legendary E-Class series and applies them to the classic wagon body.

E-Class Cabriolet – Drive off with the top down in this four-seater, soft top convertible legendary sports car.

SLK-Class Roadster – Even with the glass hardtop roof in place, you still get a full view of the stars above thanks to the innovative Magic Sky Control complete with tint control at the touch of a button.

SL-Class Roadster – This 60 year old sports car looks and drives like it was born yesterday. One of the most recognized vehicles in its class, the SLS will never go out of style. One of the oldest car manufacturers on the planet continues to impress car lovers around the world with their innovative body designs and infusion of new technologies that are the envy of all of their competitors.

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