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The History of Land Rover

Zaki Moulvi posted this on Jun 9, 2014

The Land Rover, which has made a stunning impact on the modern day utility vehicle, was first intended for use on the farm.

In England during the late 1860’s, entrepreneur J.K. Starley begins to produce his own line of sewing machines.  He made the decision to enter the highly competitive cycle industry in 1884 and created the Rover safety cycle line, with a 3 wheel and 2 wheel design.  This would be the first time that the iconic Rover name would be used. 

Even then, Starley was a visionary, having created the forerunner to the modern pedal bicycle.  His brand was so well associated with bikes that to this day Rover is the Polish word for one.

Soon after his bicycle success, Starley delved into electric carriage production and by 1896 his company name become the Rover Cycle Company Limited.  By 1906, bicycle production halts completely as the company focuses solely on cars.  By 1920 it was a well established English car manufacturer.

Just before the start of WWII, the Rover company makes the decision to specialize in prestigious vehicles and developed the Rolls Royce.  This venture that was initially stalled as they helped the Allies by supplying them with engines for tanks and planes.  It was during this time that the Rolls Royce V12 engine was developed, and the demand for it remained, even after the war was over. 

The original concept for the Land Rover was derived out of necessity.  Farmers who relied on the Jeep found that they were hard to repair due to lack of supplies, but there was no similar vehicle available in England.  The need for a rugged vehicle that was also versatile was recognized.

By 1948 the Land Rover is in full production and in just 3 short years it is outselling the other Rover vehicles by 2 to 1.  During the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, the Land Rovers body grew along with its popularity and by 1970 it has made vast improvements on its off road capabilities while adding comfort and styling usually found only on cars, including coil spring suspension.

By the 1990’s, the focus of Land Rover turns almost entirely on the family friendly SVU market.  They do very well here thanks to their ability to remain a functional off road vehicle and looking good while doing it.  Today, L and Rover has made a significant mark in the automotive industry, selling close to 200,000 of their unique vehicles each year.

Land Rover Models

The original boxy design has long been abandoned by the Land Rover, leaving in its place a line-up of aerodynamic SVU’s that still turn heads.

LR2 – To meet the current market trends, Land Rover created what to them is a tiny SVU that packs a big punch on any terrain.  It’s smaller size allows it to behave like a mountain goat off-road, while its sophisticated design makes it a lady on the street.

LR4 – The full size SVU has space for 7 passengers inside a comfortable cabin with discreet wood accents.  Under the hood you will find a fuel friendly V-6 that makes use of a supercharger to generate 340 HP, making this one of the more efficient vehicles in its class.

Range Rover – The flagship farm vehicle turned luxurious is still a major part of the Land Rover line-up.  It still sports that same British style and off-road capability that to this day remains unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.   

Range Rover Evoque – Land Rover is slowly easing into the passenger car class with this crossover that has a more aggressive shape than you expect from the brand.  The Coupe is geared towards those who want to drive in style, the five door model is geared towards being a sharp and efficient family car.

Range Rover Sport – The nimble, less expensive version of the coveted Range Rover model.  Roomy on the inside, passengers enjoy the luxury of leather seating, soft touch materials and the modern amenities we have come to expect in a luxury vehicle like USB ports and accessible power sources.

Range Rover Evoque Coupe – The latest in the Land Rover lineup clearly shows how the brand is toning down on size but revving it up on luxury and style.  This in response 

Land Rovers newest addition is proof positive that they are willing and able to forge into the future while still meeting customer demand.  They will never leave their off-road vehicles on the side, but are constantly working towards making them more luxurious and more fitting for the current times.

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