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The History of BMW

Zaki Moulvi posted this on Jun 9, 2014

Contrary to what car enthusiasts may want to believe, BMW does not stand for Best Motors in the World.  Yet, since 1916 they have produced many.

Initially an aircraft engine manufacturer, BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, was forced to shift gears after the end of WWI and begin producing motorcycles.  As the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles were slowly being lifted, they once again change their business plan and began manufacturing automobiles in 1928.

During the second world war, BMW was once again commissioned to making engines for aircrafts while still carrying on with its automotive line.  The end of the war and subsequent turmoil in Germany stalled the growth of the company until 1959, when they introduced the BMW 501.  Not a success commercially, this 6 cylinder car did manage to establish BMW as a maker of exciting cars with innovative amenities.

Still struggling financially, Mercedes-Benz offered to acquire the BMW brand, an offer that was rejected by the car maker in 1959 in hopes that their latest model, the BMW 700 would help to bring them back to the forefront of the luxury car industry.  Their plan worked, and in 1963, following the success of the BMW 1500 the company was once again able to show a profit.

At around the same time, BMW made the decision to enter the highly competitive sports car market after noting the success that Mercedes-Benz was having in this arena with the 300SL and 190SL.  The 507 Roadster was introduced in 1955 and BMW became known as a car maker that was able to compete in all areas of the market.

The New Six sedans were launched in 1968 and BMW finally was consistently successful financially.  The three tiered range was formed, and the car manufacturer continued that formula well into the 1990’s. 

During the 1980’s, BMW used the growing frenzy around fuel economy to propel its way forward with its advancements in computerized car devices.  They were fast to adapt to the automotive engine changes during that time and were able to finally make a solid advancement in their race car endeavors.  In 1983 the BMW received its first Formula One Racing title.

Finally, BMW was able to leap out ahead of its competitors and become recognized as a mature brand.  Since the start of the new millennium BMW has continued to carry that momentum with continuous titles in the race car industry and its own niche in the luxury car market.

BMW Models

To date, BMW has 16 luxury models slated for the year 2015, each bringing its own unique style and sophistication to its associated class of car.

428 Gran Coupe – This is the latest addition to the fierce BMW line-up and carries the sleek design that we come to expect from the 4 series. With seating for 5 adults this practical luxury coupe comes with four doors and a cargo area accessible by a power liftgate.

435 Gran Coupe – The five passenger 435 is fully loaded with the most up to date safety features from overhead air bags to an anti whiplash system.  It is clear with this series of luxury cars that BMW is light years ahead of their competitors.

640 – The 640 is a high performance vehicle you can find as a stylish coupe or a sporty convertible.  With a powerful 315 horse power engine you will be riding in a passenger car that drives like a sports car.

640 Gran Coupe – This is the third in the 6 series line-up and the first ever to sport four doors.  Its distinct exterior design makes this BMW stand out in the crowd.

650 – Encompassing chic with sporty, this 445 horse powered sedan offers a stellar performance in a luxurious setting.

650 Gran Coupe – The engine bay of this midsized coupe houses a direct injection V8 engine with two twin turbochargers.  0 to 60 in under four minutes, the 650 is one of the fastest, and most stylish cars in its class.

740 – This is by far the most luxurious models in the BMW lineup with engine options that bypass the wimpy 4 cylinder and jump straight to a 6, 8 or supersized 12 cylinder to power this all wheel drive vehicle.

Alpina B6 Gran Coupe – Overseas, Alpina has become synonymous with its performance additions to the BMW.  New to the United States, it won’t be long before Americans begin to appreciate the refinements.

M3 – Redesigned for 2015, the M3 is one of best rounded automobiles in its class.  A new fine tuned suspension system and twin turbo engine makes this beloved BMW faster and nimbler than ever.

M4 – Replacing the highly popular M3 was no easy task, but the M4 has definitely risen to the occasion.  In place of the gas guzzling V-8, the M4 downsized to a V-6 and then amped the engine with a twin turbocharger to generate 425 horse power.

M6- A driver needs the unique sport seats in the interior to hold them in place while they rev this 560 horse powered engine.  The body is as aggressive as what it holds under the hood with LED corona rings and accents that create a elegant, yet fierce looking sedan.

M6 Gran Coupe – The 5 passenger coupe is the perfect vehicle to get you from point A to B in style and with haste.  Its performance is unmatched for its class as is the superior power it provides.

X1 – The first in the X series, the X1 makes a bold attempt at giving consumers the luxury and performance they expect from a BMW with a price tag that is more affordable.  Starting in the upper $28,000 range, this crossover makes owning a BMW possible for just about anyone.

X3 –The X3 got a face lift for 2015 and now sports a sophisticated front grille with connected lighting elements.  The midsize crossover gives you the space of a truck without feeling like you are driving one.

X4 – A plunging roofline turns the tame X3 into the athletic X4.  The distinctive style of this crossover sets it apart from its predecessor, but the luxurious interior quickly reminds you of its state of the art roots.

Z4 – The long hooded, short rear, two-seater comes complete with a hard top convertible and an upgraded engine.  With the new Z4 you get quicker acceleration and better fuel economy from a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.

When you study the design and performance of the BMW line-up it is easy to see their history in aviation.  With aerodynamic designs and power turbo chargers, the BMW brand continues to deliver premium automobiles that deliver on both luxury and performance. 

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