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How to Replace an Air Filter

Wil Parker posted this on May 20, 2014

How to Replace an Air Filter

Your cars engine heavily relies on air to mix with the fuel in order to run.  It is getting that air from the outside, which is full of dust, pollen and any number of contaminants that you don’t want inside of your engine.  The air filter is designed to take all of those out before they get sucked into the motor.  The air filter is usually a box like part that you will find connected to the engine’s intake manifold and just like any other filter, uses a special filter medium to trap particles as air flows through.  Older cars may have a round air filter.

Why do You Need to Change Your Air Filter?

A dirty air filter can do a lot of damage to your engine and other auto parts. For one, there is a sensor that sits right behind it measuring the level of air that is entering the engine.  A dirty air filter lets particles by, damaging the fragile parts of that sensor.  It will also mess with your gas mileage.   If an insufficient amount of air is getting to the engine because it can’t get past all the gunk on the air filter, you get a combustion that is high in gas and low in oxygen.  This causes you to waste gas and give off more harmful emission gasses.  And just in case that isn’t enough reasons to change your air filter, allowing particles by and into the engine will eventually damage the moving parts.


How Often Does the Air Filter Need to be Changed?

You should be changing the air filter at least once a year, or every 12,000 miles.  You should give it peak when you change the oil to see how it looks though.  If it is extremely dirty there is no harm in changing it beforehand.  Changing your air filter is by far one of the easiest things you can do yourself to help protect your engine.

Where do I Find a New Air Filter?

So long as you know the make, model and year of your car you can purchase a high quality air filter from  We will hook you up with the best filter for your vehicle at an incredible discount. 

Getting the Job Done:

  1. First you need to find the air filter.  It is located inside of a black plastic box close to the engine.  It will either be next to it or sitting on top of it.  What should give it away is the big hose that is sticking out of one side.
  2. Open that box.  No tools needed.  The box is usually held closed by metal clips that you just need to flip up to open.
  3. Take the old filter out.  Again, no tools needed.  You should easily be able to pull the box shaped filter out from there.
  4. Give the old filter a visual once over.  See all that dirt and gunk inside of the folds?  Imagine what all of that would do if you let it get inside of your engine.
  5. Install the new air filter, and by install we mean place the new filter inside of the box.  Be sure that it is a snug fit.
  6. Close the box back up and secure it again with those metal clips.


That’s it, you’re finished!  If that process took you longer than five minutes, or you just want to see it done for yourself, check out this video and watch a pro in action.  

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