Automotive Tools and Equipment

CarPartKings has been in the business of supplying mechanics with auto parts, tools, and equipment for many years. We know that the best service requires the best parts and equipment too, so while the majority of our product offering is in auto parts, we also have a great selection of automotive tools, testers, supplies, and accessories. Since most of these products are not application specific, please use our part number search or visit our brand pages below for more information.

Automotive Tools are a necessity of life whether you are a professional mechanic, aspire to be, or even if you are a backyard mechanic. One of your biggest limitations is often not having the right tool to get the job done. We have all been there and know the frustration you face when a wrench or socket is one size too big or small, or you just can't get into an area to remove a bolt, or maybe the tool you bought ended up breaking after the first use. The correct tools of the highest caliber are essential for us to build a strong arsenal to fight the war on auto repairs. That is why CarPartKings is committed to providing you with a complete line of tools from the best brands so that you can get the job done without delay or headaches.

Brands and Products

While we have great general coverage of air tools and tire products from Milton Industries, along with a varied selection of automotive and specialty tools from Lisle Tool. From Gates we offer a number of belt installation tools and length finders as well as their PowerGrip hose clamps. We have Fuel Caps and Cooling System pressure testers from Stant. Dorman supplies a number of unique tools and installation kits with their Uni-Fit CV boot installation tools and kits, A/C and fuel line repair kits, fuel door release repair kits, strut tower cap repair kits and much more. And from Cardone we have the infamous FLASH2 Reprogrammer tool with off-car kit and labels too.

Automotive Tools

When you are shopping around for Automotive Tools, you don't want to be adding anything to your tool chest that won't hold up. Having the right tool or tools for every single job is also very important. How many times have you been working on banging out a repair or maintenance item, only to find that you don't have what you need to get it completed, or perhaps not in quickest and easiest way. This can be frustrating which is why it is worth the investment to assemble a great collection of tools. Even if you can only purchase one or two at a time, as a specific job requires, you will eventually have an exceptional set that will save you time, money, and even some headaches. But if you are already at that point and just need a specific tool, or perhaps a new specialty tool to replace one of your existing ones, we have you covered there as well from two of the top brands, Milton Industries and Lisle Tool.

Milton should catch your eye when you are in the market for air tools. This is a great brand that has been in the business since 1943. Regardless of whether you are a professional mechanic or do it yourselfer, they have the accessories you need to harness the air we breathe. Their product line in this specific market is extensive and includes blo-guns, tire valves, tire hardware, inflator gages, tire and service gages, test equipment, and much more. On top of that, they also care about what their customers want and take their suggestions all the way from design to production. During the manufacturing process, if the product doesn't provide great accuracy and durability, it will not leave the factory and make it into your hands. Excellence is what this incredible brand is all about.

  1. S715 Milton Industries S715 M-Style 1/4" Female Coupler, 2 Pack, FNPT
  2. S727 Milton Industries S727 M-Style 1/4" Male Plug, 2 Pack, MNPT
  3. S791 Milton Industries S791 L-Style 1/4" Male Couple, 2 Pack, MNPT
  4. S711 Milton Industries S711 M-Style 1/4" Coupler and Plug Combo Pack, FNPT
  5. S777 Milton Industries S777 A-Style 1/4" Male Plug, 2 Pack, MNPT
  6. S921 Milton Industries S921 Conventional Tire Gage, 5 to 50 PSI.
  7. S699 Milton Industries S699 Single Head 1/4" Female Air Chuck, FNPT
  8. S775 Milton Industries S775 A-Style 1/4" Female Coupler, 2 Pack, FNPT
  9. S790 Milton Industries S790 L-Style 1/4" Female Coupler, 2 Pack, FNPT
  10. S728 Milton Industries S728 M-Style 1/4" Male Plug, 2 Pack, MNPT
  11. S413 Milton Industries S413 Tubeless Tire Valve, 1-1/4", 2 Pack
  12. S690 Milton Industries S690 Dual Head Air Chuck Tire Tool
  13. S445 Milton Industries S445 4-In-1 Steel Plated Tire Valve Repair Tool
  14. S642 Milton Industries S642 Hose Mender, 3/8" ID Hose, 2 Pack
  15. S439 Milton Industries S439 Black Plastic Tire Valve Stem Dome Caps
  16. S506 Milton Industries S506 Dual Head Air Chuck with Inflator Gage
  17. S602 Milton Industries S602 1/4" Male End Fitting for 3/8" ID Hose, 2 Pack
  18. S409 Milton Industries S409 High Performance Tire Valve
  19. S783 Milton Industries S783 T-Style 1/4" Male Couple, 2 Pack, MNPT
  20. S415 Milton Industries S415 Tubeless Tire 1-1/4" Valve for .625" Hole, 2 Pack
Lisle is one of the great innovators when it comes to specialty tools. Being in the business for more than 100 years has allowed them to get to know their customers pretty well. This works to the advantage of the customer because they know the automotive projects you are working on and the best way to get them done. With more than 400 tools for literally every repair including brakes, suspension, exhaust, electrical, filters, your engine, and much more, they have all the bases covered with every tool you could possibly ever need.

  1. 37000 Lisle 37000 Air Conditioning / Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
  2. 28600 Lisle 28600 Disc Brake Piston Tool
  3. 53700 Lisle 53700 Small "Swivel Grip" Oil Filter Wrench
  4. 12100 Lisle 12100 Oxygen Sensor Socket
  5. 11120 Lisle 11120 Battery Brush
  6. 26650 Lisle 26650 T-55 Torx Bit Socket
  7. 53500 Lisle 53500 Standard "Swivel Grip" Oil Filter Wrench
  8. 28400 Lisle 28400 Heavy Duty Circuit Tester
  9. 54400 Lisle 54400 "Swivel Grip" Oil / Fuel Filter Wrench
  10. 20200 Lisle 20200 Spark Plug Hole Thread Chaser
  11. 31310 Lisle 31310 Double Flaring Tool Set
  12. 52000 Lisle 52000 Razor Blade Scraper
  13. 53900 Lisle 53900 Straight Handle Oil Filter Wrench
  14. 19200 Lisle 19200 Brake Bleeding Kit
  15. 67870 Lisle 67870 Standard / High Energy Spark Plug Gauge & Gapper
  16. 26640 Lisle 26640 T-50 Torx Bit Socket
  17. 50000 Lisle 50000 Mini Tubing Cutter
  18. 26630 Lisle 26630 T-45 Torx Bit Socket
  19. 60750 Lisle 60750 12 Point Bit Set
  20. 26000 Lisle 26000 Tamper Resistant Torx Bit Set
  21. 53250 Lisle 53250 Large "Swivel Grip" Oil Filter Wrench
  22. 32050 Lisle 32050 Telescoping Mirror
  23. 31000 Lisle 31000 Magnetic Pick-up Tool
  24. 65600 Lisle 65600 Broken Plug Remover for Ford 3 Valve
Gates: Makers of the world leading automotive belts and hoses, Gates, provides us with a handful of different belt tools, including length finder tools, installation tools, and tension relief tools, as well as the Gates SB Series hose clamps in sizes from 1/4" to 3 1/8". For more information on Gates, go here: Gates
  1. 91209 Gates 91209 Belt Installation Tool
  2. 91102 Gates 91102 Belt Length Finder 80"
  3. 91104 Gates 91104 Belt Length Finder 105"
  4. 91201 Gates 91201 V-Belt Number Finder
  5. 91202 Gates 91202 Micro-V Belt Length Finder 120"
  6. 91015 Gates 91015 Serpentine Belt Tension Relief Tool
  7. 32915 Gates 32915 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1/4"
  8. 32919 Gates 32919 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 3/8"
  9. 32922 Gates 32922 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1/2"
  10. 32925 Gates 32925 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 5/8"
  11. 32929 Gates 32929 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 3/4"
  12. 32932 Gates 32932 PowerGrip SB Clamp
  13. 32934 Gates 32934 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1"
  14. 32941 Gates 32941 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1-1/4"
  15. 32948 Gates 32948 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1-1/2"
  16. 32954 Gates 32954 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 1-3/4"
  17. 32960 Gates 32960 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 2"
  18. 32967 Gates 32967 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 2-1/4"
  19. 32973 Gates 32973 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 2-1/2"
  20. 32979 Gates 32979 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 2-3/4"
  21. 32986 Gates 32986 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 3"
  22. 32990 Gates 32990 PowerGrip SB Clamp, 3-1/8"
Cardone FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer is a must-have tool for any serious repair shop. Reprogramming and updating engine control units has never been easier with Cardone's FLASH2 reprogrammer, the off-car reprogrammer add-on kit, and additional ECM/PCM modification labels.
  1. 70-1100 Cardone 70-1100 FLASH2 ReProgrammer
  2. 70-2000 Cardone 70-2000 Off-Car ReProgrammer Add-On Kit
  3. 70-2063 Cardone 70-2063 ECM/PCM Labels, 25 Count
Carter: The CV1000 by Carter is a fuel pump circuit verifier diagnostic tester that makes fuel system repair job easier and quicker by diagnosing fuel pump circuitry.
  1. CV1000 Carter CV100 Fuel Pump Cicuitry Diagnostic Tool
Stant: Working great under pressure. Stant provide us with their pressure testers for both fuel caps and coolant system caps and and systems.
  1. 12370 Stant 12370 Fuel Cap Tester with Case
  2. 12270 Stant 12270 Coolant System Tester
Grote: Vehicle Safety System and Lighting.
  1. 71422 Grote 71422 Three Triangle Warning Kit
  2. 52772-5 Grote 52772-5 Red 4" Torsion Mount II Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp
  3. 45812-5 Grote 45812-5 Red 2 1/2" Clearance / Marker Lamp
  4. 52922 Grote 52922 Red 4" Economy Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp
  5. 46792-5 Grote 46792-5 Red DURAMOLD Two-Bulb Square-Corner Clearance / Marker Lamp
  6. 46793-5 Grote 46793-5 Yellow DURAMOLD Two-Bulb Square-Corner Clearance / Marker Lamp
  7. 16244 Grote 16244 Economy West Coast Mirror
  8. 52892-5 Grote 52892-5 Red Oval Torsion Mount III Stop/Tail/Turn Lam
  9. 12201-5 Grote 12201-5 2" Round Stick-On Convex Mirror
  10. 45822-5 Grote 45822-5 Red 2" Clearance / Marker Lamp
  11. 73040-5 Grote 73040-5 Medium / Low Noise Surround Backup Alarm, Blue
  12. 67000 Grote 67000 11 1/2" Long Stop/Tail/Turn Three-Wire Plug-In Pigtails for Female Pin Lamps
  13. 46543-5 Grote 46543-5 Yellow Economy Cab Marker Lamp
  14. 64931-5 Grote 64931-5 12 Volt Par 36 Rubber Tractor and Utility Lamp
  15. 62271 Grote 62271 Clear 4" Torsion Mount II Single System Backup Lamp
  16. 12004-5 Grote 12004-5 3" Round Stick-On Convex Mirror
  17. 60001 Grote 60001 DURAMOLD License Lamp
  18. 50972-5 Grote 50972-5 Red Three-Stud Peterbilt/Chevrolet/Jeep/GMC Replacement Lamp with Pigtail
  19. 52182 Grote 52182 Red Economy Oval Stop/Tail/Turn
  20. 60101-5 Grote 60101-5 Clear Compact Courtesy Lamp