Automotive Acronyms and Terms

CarPartKings knows that we all don't speak the automotive language as well as the auto parts manufacturers. Unfortunately, the auto parts manufacturers themselves will use abbreviations for certain vehicle attributes or product features that is second nature to them, but not to you. So we feel the need to provide you with some help where we can. Below you will find a list of common automotive abbreviations that you may come across while searching our catalog. May it help you as it has helped so many before. If you have questions or would like to add to our automotive dictionary, please send us a message at

100PE 100 Per Box LEATH Leather Pump Plunger
10PER 10 Per Box LENSA Amber Lens
12PER 12 Per Box LENSB Blue Lens
15PER 15 Per Box LENSR Red Lens
1STDE 1st Design LGP Low Ground Pressure
1TON 1 Ton Trucks LIMO. Limousine 
20PER 20 Per Box LOCKC Rear Wheel Locking Collar
25PER 25 Per Box lol laugh out loud
2NDDE 2nd Design LONGB Long Boot
2PER 2 Per Package LoPres Low Pressure
2PKIT 2 Piece Kit LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
2WD Two Wheel Drive LPH Liters per Hour
3/4T 3/4 Ton Trucks LPING Locking Plate Included
3CYL 3 Cylinder LRGFL Large Flange
3SPD 3 Speed LRGOD Large O.D. (outside diameter)
4CYL Used with 4 Cylinder Engines Ltd Limited
4PKIT 4 Piece Kit LWBRG Lock Washer Packed With Bearing
4SPD 4 Speed LWINC Lock Washer Included
4WD Four Wheel Drive M.H.C. Motor Home Chassis 
50PER 50 Per Box M.T. Manual Transmission 
5CYL Used with 5 Cylinder Engines MAN. Manual 
5LVL Form, Fit & Function MAN. TRAN. Manual Transmission 
5PER 5 Per Box MBP Medium Pressure By-Pass Valve (11-17 PSI)
5PKIT 5 Piece Kit METID W/Metal ID
5SPD 5 Speed M-F Massey Ferguson
6CYL Used with 6 Cylinder Engines Mfg Manufacturing
6PER 6 Per Box MFI Multi-Port Fuel Injection
6PKIT 6 Piece Kit Mfr. Manufacturer
8PER 8 Per Package MichFlPow Michigan Fluid Power
8PKIT 8 Piece Kit Min. Minimum Order Quantity
A. Gskt. Attached Gasket(s) mm Millimeter
A.I.R. Air Injection Reactor  M-M Minneapolis-Moline
A.T. Automatic Transmission  MO Metering Orifice
A.W.D. All Wheel Drive  MPI Multi-Point Fuel Injection
ABS With ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Mtd Mounted
ABSNO Without ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Mtr. Motor
Accepted Accepted N.A. Not Available 
AD Anti-Drainback Valve N.F. Not Furnished - Reuse Old Flange 
ADP Anti-Drainback Pipe N.R. Not Required 
AirCond. Air Conditioned or Air Conditioner N.R.A. Noise Restricted Areas 
ALIGN Align Kit N/R Not Required
ALT Altitude  N/S Non-Serviceable
ALUM Aluminum Nerd An intellectual super human
Alum. Aluminum NO. Number 
AMC American Motors Corporation  NOPUL Without Pulley
Amp Ampere NOSOL Not Sold Separately
APN Auto Parts Nerd NPSF National Pipe Straight Fine
App Approved NPT National Pipe Thread
Approx Approximately O. Air Outer Air
ARM Arm Only O. Gskt. Optional Gasket(s)
ARMPV Arm and Pivot O.D Outside Diameter
Arr. Arrangement O.D. Outside Diameter 
ASSEM Assembly O.E. Original Equipment
ATAAC Air-to-Air Aftercooling O.H.V. Overhead Valve
Attach Attachment OBRGN Open Bearing Without Seals
AUTO Automatic  OBS Obsolete or  Optional Oil Bath Seal
AutoTrans. Automatic OE Original Equipment
Aux Auxiliary OEM Original Equipment
AWD All Wheel Drive OEPCR OE Assembly Includes  Piston & Con
B.B.C. Bumper to Back Cab  OES Open Emission System
BBL Barrel  Off-Hwy Off-Highway
BLKGR Black Grommet OFFST Offset Shaft Kit
BLUGR Blue Grommet OHC Overhead Cam
BOLTN Bolt-on Style CV Joint OHV Overhead Valve
BONLY Bushing Only Olds Oldsmobile
BOOT Boot Only Opt. Optional
BOOTI Inner Boot OPTGS Optional Grease Seal
BOOTO Outer Boot or Syncro Range or Syncro Range
BOX8 8 Plugs Per Box OSNAP Use Old Snap Ring
BP By-Pass Valve (8-10 PSI) OUT Outer
B-P By-Pass OUTER Outer
BPS By-Pass Screen OVAL Oval
BRKT. Bracket  OVLID Oval I.D.
BRNGR Brown Grommet oz. Ounce(s)
BSP British Standard Pipe Thread P. Cab Pressurized Cab
BSP-PL British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread P. Fuel Primary Fuel
BTA PLUS Balanced Treatment Additive Plus P.T.O. Power Take Off
BTE Balanced Treatment for Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze PASS Passenger Side
BTU British Thermal Unit PASS. Passenger
BUSHG Bushing PCV Positive
BUSHL Long Bushing PEEC Programmable Electronic
BUSHS Short Bushing PFI Program Fuel Injection
BXQT1 Box Quantity of 1 Piece PIVOT Pivot Only
BXQT2 Box Quantity of 2 Pieces Pkg. Package
BXQT4 Box Quantity of 4 Pieces Pltd. Pleated
BXQT6 Box Quantity of 6 Pieces PLUGN Plug-in Style CV Joint
BXQT8 Box Quantity of 8 Pieces POLY Competitor Part is Poly-Bagged
C Celsius, Centigrade PowBrakes Power Brakes
C.C. Commercial Chassis  PowDr. Power Drive
C.F.I. Central Fuel Injection  PowQuad Power Quad
C.I.D. Cubic Inch Displacement  PowShift Power Shift
C.O.E. Cab Over Engine  PowSteer. Power Steering
CA Steel Back Copper Alloy PREMI Competitor part is premium
CALIF. California  Present Filter Present Filter
CAN Canadian Models PRESS Pressure Seal Up To 90lb
Carb Carburetor, Carbureted Pri Primary
CARB. Carburetor  PRIVT Private Label Part
CAST# Casting Number PRWD Power Rear Wheel Drive
Cat Caterpillar PS Integral Post Seal Gasket
cc Cubic Centimeters  PSI Pounds per Square Inch
CCLS Closed Center Load Sensing PSR Post Seal Required
CES Closed Emission System PT Ports
CFI Central Fuel Injection Pt. Pint
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute PT105 1.05 Port
CID Cubic Inch Displacement PT95 .95 Port
CLMP. Clamp  PTFE Optional PTFE
CLN&R Clean & Reuse PTO Power Take-Off
CNG Compressed Natural Gas  PUMP Pump Only
Co Company PUMPH Pump and Hanger
COE Cab Over Engine PUMSE Pump and Sender
COMM. CH. Commercial Chassis  PUMST Pump and Strainer
Comp. Compressor QR/SR Quad Range
COMPB Composite Bushing Qt. Quart
Cont?d. Continued Qty Quantity
CONV. Converter  QUANT Difference in Package Quantity
Corp Corporation R.H Right Hand
CP Copper R.R. Railroad
CP/SB Steel Back Copper-Lead Babbitt R.W.D Rear Wheel Drive
CPE. Coupe  RA Steel Back Aluminum Alloy
CPI Center Port Injection RAXLE Rear Drive Axle
CSC Coolant System Cleaner RC Reinforced Centertube
Cu. Cubic REAR Rear Entry
CU. IN. Cubic Inch  RED Red
CVT Continuously Variable REDGR Red Grommet
CYL. Cylinder  REG. Regular
D. Pan Deep Pan REMAN Remanufactured
DAMPR Damper Only REQ. Required
Dbl Double Res. Reservoir
DC Direct Current RetLine Return Line
DDA Detroit Diesel Allison RIDBL Inside Diameter Rides On Ball
DI Direct Injection RINGC Compet Part Include Piston Rings
DIA. Diameter  RINGF Includes Piston Rings
Div. Division RINGS Includes Piston Rings
DOHC Dual Overhead Camshaft  RKLFT Rocker Arm w/Lifter (Integral)
Don Donaldson RNDID Round I.D.
DR. Door  ROHOB Rubber on Heel
DRIVE Driver Side ROUND Round
D-SHP D-Shaped Rpl Replaced, Replacement
E.F.E. Early Fuel Evaporation  rpm Revolutions per Minute
E.G.R. Exhaust Gas Recirculation  RPNID Ring Pack Not Identical
E.M.D. Electro-Motive Division RUNIT Replace Complete Unit
ea Each RWD Rear Wheel Drive
EFI Electronic Fuel Intjected RWHEL Rear Wheel
Ele. Element S. Eng Starter Engine
Elec Electric S. Fuel Secondary Fuel
ENG. Engine  S. Pan Shallow Pan
Engine Control Engine Control S.B.C. School Bus Chassis
EPUMP Pump and Filter S.C. Supercharged
Equip Equipment S.D. Super Duty
Etc. Et cetera (and so forth) S.M.P.I. Sequential Multipoint Fuel Inject.
EUI Electronic Unit Injector S.P.I. Single Point Injection
EXBOR External Bore S.T. Super Turbine
Exc Except S/N Serial Number(s)
EXEFI Except Electronic Fuel Injected SA Steel Back Babbitt
EXH. Exhaust  SAGDE Saginaw Design
ExHiPres Extra High Pressure SALVG Can Partially Salvage Part
ExpHsg. Exposed Housing SEALN Seals Not Included
EXPOD Expanded O.D. SEALO Competitor is Seal Only
ExpTank Expansion Tank SEALT Sealed design
Ext. Extended Sec. Secondary
EXWAG Except Wagon SECAR Seal & Carrier
F Fahrenheit SED. Sedan
F. Drive Final Drive SEINS Seal & Install. Sleeve
F. Fuel Final Fuel SEP Order Separately
F. Gskt. Furnished Gasket(s) SER. Serial
F.I. Fuel Injection  SESET Seal Only vs. Complete Set
F.W.D. Front Wheel Drive  SET Sold In Sets Only
FAXLE Front Axle SETFL Set-Screw Flange Unit
FECV Front-End Check Valve SET-O Component Of Set Only
FED Federal  SETSC Set-Screw Adapter Bearing
F-F Full-Flow SEWES Seal & Wear Sleeve
FI Fuel Injection SFI Sequential Fuel Injection
FILTR Filter Sgl. Single
FLANG Flange Bearing SHBP Super High Pressure By-Pass Valve (30-45 PSI)
FldC/O Field Change-Over SHD Optional Super Heavy Duty
FldInst. Field Installation SHO Super High Output
FLGOD Flanged O.D. SHORT Short Boot
FLGRV Full Groove SintBronze Sintered Bronze
FLGTP Tapered Flange SLING Slingers not included
FLNG. Flange  SMLFL Small Flange
FP Fill Port SMLOD Small O.D.
FRM Flame Retardant Media SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft
FRONT Front Entry SOLDS Sold Separately
FRT&R Services Front & Rear Units SP Sensor Port
Ft. Foot SPBID Bi-Directional Lip Design
FWD Front Wheel Drive SPCCW Counter-Clockwise-Spiral Design
FWHEL Front Wheel Spd Speed
FWS Fuel/Water Separator SPEC. Special or Specification
G Gasket Specs. Specifications
G.V.W. Gross Vehicle Weight  SPI Sequential Port Injection
Gal Gallon SPIND Spindle Mount
GASET Gasket Only vs. Complete Set SPLCW Clockwise-Spiral Lip Design
Geek a wanna-be Nerd SPLIP Spiral Lip Design
GM, GMC General Motors Corporation SQBOR Square Bore
GMC GMC Only SQUAR Square I.D.
gph Gallons per Hour Sr. Senior
gpm Gallons per Minute Sr. mmt. Senior Moment
GRNGR Green Grommet STA. WAG. Station Wagon
GRYGR Gray Grommet Std Standard
Gskt. Gasket(s) STD. Standard
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight Steer Steering
H Base or Housing Number STOCS Stretch Over Crankshaft Seal
H.D. Heavy Duty  STRNR Strainer
H.O. High Output  STRP. Strap
H.P. Horse Power  Sub. Substitute OR Suburban
H5D GM Heavy Duty Emissions  SuctLine Suction Line
HAR Hardened SUPBY Superseded by
HBP High Pressure By-Pass Valve (18-25 PSI) SUPER Supercharged
HD Preferred Heavy Duty Part T.B.I. Throttle Body Injection
HDBRK Heavy Duty Brakes T.P.I. Tuned Port Injection
HEADB Head Bolts not included TAPID Tapered I.D.
HEUI Hydraulic Electronic TBI Throttle Bodied Injection
HEX HEX BORE Temp. Temperature
Hi High Thd. Thread
HI PERF. High Performance  THM Turbo-Hydramatic
HiPerf. High Performance TorqConv Torque Converter
HiPres High Pressure TPI Tuned Port Injection
HLT High-Low Transmission TRANA Automatic Transmission
HNGR. Hanger  TRANM Manual Transmission
HO High Output TRANS. Transmission
HOR Horizontal Mount TRIAN Triangular Shaped
HP Horsepower TRWEX Assigned For TRW Export
Hsg. Housing Turbo Turbocharger, Turbocharged
HUB Hub Mount TURNO Except Turbo
HU-BG OEM Hub to Our Bearing U.S. United States
HUBMT Hub Mount U.S.C.G. U.S. Coast Guard
HvyDty. Heavy-Duty U/L Upper/Lower
HYD Hydramatic  UK United Kingdom
Hyd. Hydraulic UL, U.L. Underwriters Lab Listed
Hz. Hertz UNF Universal National Fine
I. Air Inner Air Unit Injector Unit Injector
I. Gskt. Integral Gasket(s) UNIV Universal
I.D. Inside Diameter UPRGR Upper Groove
IH, IHC International Harvester, International Navistar V Volt
IN Inner or Inch(es) VapDiv. Vapor Diverter
Inc Incorporated VERT Vertical Mount
Incl. Included VIN Vehicle Identification Number
IND Industrial Size/Type VV Variable Venturi
Ind. Industrial VVT Variable Valve Timing
Info Information VW Volkswagen
INJ. Injection  W.B Wheel Base
INNER Inner W.D. Wheel Drive
INSL. Insulator  w/ With
Int International w/o Without
ISO Inside-Out Flow Direction W/SHM With Shim
IVT Infinitely Variable Transmission WAG. Wagon
JD John Deere WAGON Use with Wagon
JIC Joint Industry Conference WETCL Wet Clutch
JOINT Joint Only WGMTS With Grometts
Jr. Junior WHDBT With Head Bolts
JT@BT Joint with Boot WHTGR White Grommet
KHD Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz WIDTH Minor Width Difference
KIT Kit WOHDG Without Head Gaskets
Kw Kilowatt WOSEN w/o Sensor
L Liters WSCPG With Semi-Circular Plugs
L.C.F. Low Cab Forward  WSEN w/Sensor
L.H Left Hand WSPTS With Spark Plug Tube Seals
Lb(s) Pound(s) XHBP Extra High Pressure By-Pass Valve (50+ PSI)
LBP Low Pressure By-Pass Valve (2-7 PSI) Yd Yard(s)
LDBRK Light Duty Brakes YELGR Yellow Grommet