Auto Part Buying Tips

Fact or Fiction: We Expose the Myths of Buying Car Parts Online

CarPartKings wants you to feel comfortable about purchasing your auto parts online. To do that, we want to take some time to address the important questions you might have while debunking the myths. We feel this is important as people sometimes believe fiction over fact and end up spending more money on a part they could have gotten much cheaper online, even with the added cost of shipping. If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please Send us a Message and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Myth: All auto part sites are created equal and this site is no different than the others.

Truth Thought we're likely to be a little bias here, the truth is most auto part websites are "middle men". CarPartKings is a warehouse first. We've been in the business of supplying auto part stores, shops and customers like yourself for decades; over 40 years! Most other sites put up a fancy website and struggle to make and maintain good relationships with their suppliers, fighting with prices and slowing down the shipping process. These companies can't establish relationships with the actual manufacturers like we can either. Not only does this allow us to package and ship your order quickly, but we are as close to the actual auto parts as it can get. Call us and see for yourself.

Myth: Repair shops, including dealerships, will not install the auto parts you bring them.

Truth: While these repair facilities do hope to make a profit by selling their own auto parts, they will not turn away your business simply because they can't sell you a part. This is because they make their real money on their labor charges. But do yourself a favor and check with the repair shop first to make sure. Know the part or parts you are looking to get replaced on your vehicle and understand the warranty. Your part should be warranted by us or the manufacturer. The labor should be covered by your mechanic.

Tip: Do your homework. To find the best deals there are three great tricks to try. First, put your whole order together and get your actually shipping costs. Any site that makes you register or put in your credit card information before they show you your grand total is likely out to hit you with a less than impressive shipping total. Second, find a few reviews of the website to see how their service is. This has never been easier. And third, see if you can find a coupon code online. You might really be surprised with what you find! CarPartKings has great shipping rates, great reviews and a couple good coupon codes out there!

Myth: Avoid remanufactured auto parts. You are putting good money into a bad part!

Truth: Opposite! Remanufactured auto parts have never been better and there has also never been a time where they were more popular. This is for several very good reasons. First, the auto part remanufacturers are just as technologically advanced as the manufacturers themselves. Their process involves disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, and then reassembling while truly restores the part to new condition. Even more, you often get newer and higher quality seals and components that are better than the original. This makes a remanufactured auto part better than the original! The difference between a new part and remanufactured part is that the casted iron parts and non-wearable parts are simply not thrown away. This brings us to the next great reason to choose remanufactured parts: the environment. Remanufacturing auto parts reuses and recycles a tremendous amounts of materials. This also helps to drive down new material production and reduces energy consumption substantially.

Myth: If I've never heard of the brand name, it must be "junk" and I don't wouldn't want to install that on my vehicle.

Truth: Brand name recognition is tough in the automotive industry, especially if you aren't in the industry. Most of us, who only shop for auto part when we need them will otherwise never pay attention to those TV commercials or ads in magazines. We only care when we need a part, then we struggle to decide which is better. The fact is, a lot of the biggest names in auto parts have been around for decades, if not over 100 year old! These names are sometimes known as little as the newest no-name brand. While a little research can help identify a brand, the point is, just because you've never heard of it, doesn't mean it's not a high quality part. At CarPartKings, we have been dealing with these age-old manufacturers as well as the best in "unknown", private label, economical brands. We've done the research and back every single part in our warehouse as a quality auto part, whether you know the name or not.

Myth: Aftermarket parts are not as good as original equipment.

Truth: The first thing to understand is that a lot of CarPartKings brands are, in fact, also the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For example, if you have to replace the Belts. on your engine, chances are that Gates. is the brand that came on your vehicle from the factory, which is the largest aftermarket supplier as well. But obviously this is not the case for everything. Gates might not be the original belt on your vehicle, but because of their tremendous experience, they are naturally a great replacement. So Know Your Brand. If there is any truth to this myth, it would be in the nameless mass produced auto parts made overseas.

Tip: Unless you are a professional or as knowledgeable and capable as one, you should stay away from universal auto parts. Universal auto parts are not meant to fit your vehicle perfectly, and as a result, can be used on a much larger range of vehicles. But it does require some expertise, modifications, and a few extra parts and components to get the job done. Some of the most commonly purchased universal parts are Mufflers, Catalytic Converters, Oxygen Sensors, and Air Filters.

Myth: Aftermarket auto parts, or parts I do not get from my dealer, will void my vehicle's warranty.

Truth: Not only is this not true, it's illegal. As long as your service is being performed by an authorized facility, then no warranty can be voided because of an aftermarket part. See also the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act