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Carter electric fuel pumps and More

Do you need to update or upgrade to Carter fuel pumps? Car Part Kings has you covered!

If you want to upgrade the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, the fuel pump is a good place to start. Carter electric fuel pumps provide high performance characteristics and great value.
Carter electric fuel pumps are designed to be as at home on the track as they are on the street. In either environment, they maximize the efficiency of the vehicle that they are attached to, even when that vehicle happens to be a very demanding one that’s tweaked for maximum performance. This company produces aftermarket products that are tested to meet the highest standards and that are designed to perform well in every regard.

Replacing or upgrading your fuel pump can greatly improve the performance of your vehicle. Whether you want to make certain you have the most responsive take off characteristics in your car or you simply need to rotate out an older fuel pump that is no longer performing to the most basic standards, Carter electric fuel pumps can provide you with exactly what you need to get the job done right.

What Are Electric Fuel Pumps

Electric fuel pumps are very efficient components that are located inside the fuel tank on most vehicles. Within the vehicle’s fuel lines, the fuel pump takes gasoline from the gas tank and pushes it into the engine. The reason that these pumps are placed in the fuel tank is that the gasoline itself provides a cooling liquid for the part and the part is actually located as far as possible from the engine itself. This is actually a safety feature. Liquid gasoline will not ignite from a spark from the pump, but the fumes around the engine could possibly ignite, so placing the pump in the tank makes the vehicle safer all around.

Fuel pumps are very durable parts and typically don’t need to be replaced for quite a long time. When they do fail, however, the vehicle cannot function at all and the part needs to be replaced immediately.

Some of the symptoms of a failing fuel pump that you may experience include lagging when hitting the gas or sudden decreases in power when you are driving. These, and other symptoms, are good reasons to consider replacing your fuel pump as soon as possible, as the problem is only going to get worse over time.

Carter Electric Pumps

Car Part Kings has discount Carter electric fuel pumps available that can serve as replacements for your existing fuel pump or, if you want better performance, that you can use to upgrade your car to make it a lot more fun to drive and a lot more reliable when you need power. Search for your make and model and see if there is a Carter electric fuel pump for your vehicle.

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