The Cardone FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer

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This FLASH2 reprogrammer unit from Cardone can reprogram the OBDII Engine Control Units Engine Control Units for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Scion, Mazda, and more, as well as any OBDI applications from GM! Being J2534 compliant, the FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer is capable of reprogramming and updating any vehicle makes as new data is released and validated from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

With Free Lifetime technical support, the ability to both ON and OFF Car FLASH Reprogram with your PC.

General Motors & Saab: On or Off car FLASH reprogramming, nine off-car cables, includes the Saab 9-7 and Isuzu Hombre.

Ford: On or Off car FLASH reprogramming, two off-car cables, Ford on car PATS reprogramming, and CAN Reprogramming.

Chrysler: On or Off car FLASH reprogramming, five off-car cables, Chrysler VIN reprogramming, SRI reset, and CAN Reprogramming.

Toyota/Lexus/Scion: on-car FLASH and VIN reprogramming.

Honda/Acura: on-car FLASH reprogramming.

Mazda: on-car FLASH reprogramming.

ECU Analysis, view all sorts of information, read and clear DTC's, oil reset and more! Job verification print summaries FLASH library that connects to Cardone's system.