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FCS Auto Parts

FCS Auto Parts

FCS Auto Parts

FCS Auto Parts

FCS Auto Shocks and Struts and More

Do you need to replace update or upgrade to FCS shocks and struts? Car Part Kings has you covered! FCS Auto, formally known as FCS Automotive International, provides high quality struts and shocks at prices that are very competitive. They offer struts and shocks for a range of different vehicles and are always expanding upon the types of vehicle that they offer parts for.
FCS Auto is located in the most famous city of all for auto manufacturers: Detroit, MI. The company employs 300 workers and has engineers on staff that enable the company to be innovative and to create very high quality products. They currently manufacture shocks and struts for in excess of 4,500 different models of vehicles.

Shocks and struts are among the most important parts on your vehicle where handling is concerned. For vehicles that are everyday commuter type cars and trucks, shocks and struts ensure a safe and comfortable ride. For vehicles that are tuned for high performance and high speed, shocks and struts are what make it possible to control the vehicle, to a great extent.

What Are Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are both part of your suspension system and have a great impact on the handling characteristics of your car. Shocks ensure that the tires on your car remain in contact with the road and struts provide stability. Together, FCS shocks and struts can make a vehicle handle like a dream, constituting upgrades to what most manufacturers put on their vehicles at the factory.

Putting new socks and struts on your car will make it handle better, ride smoother and make it safer all around. If you’re having trouble with your car bouncing after hitting pumps, diving forward when you hit the brakes or lurching backward when you hit the gas, it might be time for you to consider changing out your shocks and struts. FCS shocks and struts are among the best options out there, no matter how high performance your car may be.

Shocks and struts are just as important on larger vehicles as they are on everyday cars and trucks. For trucks that are designed for hauling and towing, shocks and struts provide a great deal of control and make the vehicle much safer to drive, and able to handle heavy loads safely.

Car Part Kings has FCS shocks and struts for a wide variety of different vehicles. Take a look at our catalog and find your make and model to get replacements today.

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