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ABS Sensor

ABS Sensor

ABS Speed Sensor Replacement: Get Them Discounted Online

What is an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor and what does it do?

The ABS wheel speed sensor can figure out when your wheels are locked up and then relay that information back to your vehicle, automatically releasing some of the pressure from the brakes so that the brakes will be artificially pumped. That helps you to regain control of the vehicle during hard braking.

When should I replace my ABS Sensor?

If you notice that your anti-lock braking system is not working, you should make sure that your abs wheel sensors are not the issue, as it is an affordable and quick fix.

What happens if I don’t?

If your abs sensor is not working and you do not replace it, you will likely lose functionality of your anti-lock braking system. That can negatively impact your vehicle’s stopping distance, putting you at an increased risk of accidents.

How to do it: Replacing your ABS Wheel Speed Sensor:

  1. Pop your hood and disconnect the negative battery terminal from your battery. This will take away the power from the ABS sensors.
  2. Loosen your lug nuts slightly, but do not remove them from the wheel. This will make it easier to take the wheels off once the vehicle is jacked up a bit.
  3. Lift the vehicle up onto jack stands, making sure that you chock the wheels that are still on the ground. In this case, those are the rear wheels.
  4. Remove the lug nuts that you loosened and pull the wheel off.
  5. Find a little black box on the wheel hub, which should be your ABS wheel sensor. Unplug the wires that run into the sensor and let them hang out of the way.
  6. Take off any bolts or brackets that hold the sensor into its location. Take it off of the hub, using a screwdriver for leverage if necessary.
  7. Take your new sensor and line it up with the position of the sensor that you removed. Attach it with the bolts or screws that you removed.
  8. Re-connect the wiring that ran into the ABS speed sensor.
  9. Replace the wheel that you had removed and tighten the lug nuts.
  10. Lower the vehicle back down and tighten the lug nuts the rest of the way.

Anything else I need to know?

For some vehicles, you may need to remove some ancillary parts to get to the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement or sensor abs, so be prepared for that. If you run into problems with that process, you may need to do some research to get instructions that are specific to your vehicle.

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The Kings have found 2 part(s)

  1. Beck/Arnley ABS Sensor 084-4209

    Part Number: 084-4209
    Position: Rear Left
    • Beck/Arnley ABS Sensor 084-4209
    Condition: New
    This product fits the following vehicles open
    Vehicle Engine
    1998 Subaru Forester S All
    1999 Subaru Legacy L All
    1999-2002 Subaru Forester All
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    MSRP: $281.02
    Savings: Over 50%
  2. Standard Ignition Rear Left ABS Sensor ALS498

    Part Number: ALS498
    Position: N/A
    • Standard Ignition Rear Left ABS Sensor ALS498
    • Abs Speed Sensr
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    Condition: New
    This product fits the following vehicles open
    Vehicle Engine
    2004-2007 Mercury Monterey All
    2004-2007 Ford Freestar All
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    MSRP: $106.44
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